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It’s about the people.

Alt Summit Instagram // thepapermama

Why go to conferences? Why travel so much? Well, it’s about the people. The people I meet, the people I know, and the people I want to introduce myself to. I meet with other bloggers and companies. I move non-stop from morning to late late into the evening. It’s exhausting and exhilarating all at once. This year at the SLC Alt Summit I got to spend the best time with my roomies: Moorea, Whitney, Jen, and Morgan. Moorea, Whitney and I were so darn busy prepping our party at Alt that we barely had a chance to attend the actual conference, but I can’t replace the time we had together. It was silly and fun. We ended up spending the majority of our time in the party room and our hotel room. We slowly lost our minds from the lack of sleep and hard work. It really was worth it. That may explain the wonderful IG photos we created (plus video).

Alt Summit Instagram // thepapermama

Alt Summit Instagram // thepapermama

Alt Summit Instagram // thepapermama

Alt Summit Instagram // thepapermama

I’ll have more to share about the conference, but not now. I’m EXHAUSTED. I hope your week was wonderful! For now I’ll leave you with a video we made on day two of staying up till 2 AM prepping our party…

- Chelsey

Beautiful Business Cards from Alt San Fran

Alt San Francisco //

I turned my illustrated rings into business cards. You can find them here.

One of my favorite things about blogging conferences: the beautiful business cards. I’m such a visual person, they really connect me to the individual I’m meeting. You can introduce yourself and chat with someone for a while… and they may or may not remember what it is you do or what your website is. You hand them a unique and memorable business card: chances are they will remember you. At least that’s how it is for me. I mean, if you’re a blogger that writes about baking…. and you hand me a bizz card with a cookie attached: I will remember you.


I’m always just blown away by the variety of thoughtful cards at these gatherings. They are inspiring and oh so pretty. That’s why I take photos of them. Snap a photo and link to all my favorites (this means I can refer to these posts in the future, if I’d like remember the cards). Plus I want to share all these neat card ideas with all of you! All of these cards below tell me a little story about the blogger/business they come from. Enjoy!

Cards with treats:

Alt San Francisco Business Cards //

1. Ringmaster Mom 2. Best Friends For Frosting 3. Crow and Canary 4. 5. The Road to The Good Life 6. Oh So Antsy 7. We Love Citrus

Beautiful cards:

Alt San Francisco Business Cards //

1. Atly 2. Elle Dee Designs 3. Erica Henderson 4. Assemble Shop 5. Moment-Us 6. Frances Bailey 7. Super Duper Fantastic 8. Lifestyle Crafts 9. Pretty Prudent 10. Misty Knight 11. Animal Head Vintage 12. Hello Lidy 13. Gabreilla Orengo 14. 52 Weeks Project

- Chelsey

Wednesday Goodies: Alt Summit Goodness.

Alt Summit

If you actually take a look at my photos from last week, you’d really think I didn’t own a camera. I think I took a total of 20 images of my own…. in 5 days. You’re just so busy and in the moment, it’s almost better to just rely on your phone and the in house photographer. SO, that’s what I’m going to do. Here’s the Alt Summit through the eyes of Justin Hackworth.

Alt Summit Alt Summit Alt Summit

Alt Summit Alt Summit Alt Summit Alt Summit Alt Summit Alt Summit

9123342042_a77a0d74ff_c Alt Summit Alt Summit Alt Summit Alt Summit Alt Summit

Ok, and last but definitely NOT least… here’s the photo of Martha Stewart and I:


ANNNNND, if you’re wondering: yes. Yes I DID go through all the Martha photos to spot my head. I think I’ll frame this one.

- Chelsey


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She stopped by. Said hello. I’m happy.

- Chelsey