Cat Face Elbow Patches (with free printables)

Cat Face Elbow Patches (with free printables)

Cat Face Elbow Patches (with free printables)

Preschool is just about to start for my kiddo and that means we need a few new clothes. My girl has grown two shoe sizes since the summer began and she pretty much needs all new clothes… since nothing fits. All of her long sleeve shirts that went to her wrists in the Spring are now up to her arm, dresses are now shirts, and her pants are like capris. It’s blowing my mind now fast she’s growing. She’s definitely tall for her age and we can’t seem to keep up with how fast she grows out of clothes. Ha! So we wandered to the consignment shop and mall to find some clothes for this growing girl. I found a blank long sleeve shirt and thought it would be fun to customize this shirt. My kiddo LOVES kitties, so I ironed on some kitty faces onto her elbow. Little Cat Face Elbow Patches. I used this original cat face design to make her cat face pillow, it just needed a couple of adjustments to fit on her little elbows. Want to make this for your kiddo before they head back to school? Here you go!

Cat Face Elbow Patches (with free printables)




Print out the cat face printables onto the iron on paper.

Tip: these should print at 3 inches wide, so if you need the faces smaller adjust the size before you print.


Cut out the cat faces. Be sure to leave about a 1/4 inch trim around the face shape.


Heat up your iron. Iron out any wrinkles on the fabric you are ironing the face onto. Use a lint roller to remove any fuzz from the spot before you put the face on.

Cat Face Elbow Patches (with free printables)


Put the shirt on your kiddo. Use some washi tape to mark the location of where you’d like to iron on the cat face.


Following the directions of your iron on paper, iron on the cat faces onto the marked elbow spaces.


Let the ironed on cat face cool completely. Carefully peel off the iron on backing of the cat face.

Cat Face Elbow Patches (with free printables)


– Chelsey

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