Alt Summit sessions begin!

Last Thursday at Alt.

My third day in Utah and the first day of sessions! So, in case you really don’t understand what Alt Summit is all about… My buddy Gabriel (from the Artful Desperado) summarizes the conference as this: Creative bloggers porn. Yup. That’s the perfect way to describe it.

9 am my roomies and i set out to the Grand hotel for the first day of sessions.

We started with The Business of Blogging. My first session would end up being my most favorite session. So much great info from some amazing bloggers (this was the panel:,, ). I learned so much and enjoyed every minute. Plus, I got to meet the man behind Curbly. Very neat. The biggest thing I took from this session: if you are serious about blogging, you should have your year for blogging planned out. Which, I have already started! I will definitely talk more about what I’ve learned and any tips… but, next week.

The next session was another lovely one: Work Life Balance (the panel:,, ). We all know that I need some major balance in my life… I’m all over the place. It was sort of nice to meet other bloggers that were struggling like me.

Next up was our Lunch followed by these amazing key note speakers:,,, )

My last session of the day: From Blog to Book (the panel:,, ). So, I learned a TON from this. But, it seemed it may have been more for people ready with a book to publish now. And, I’m in no way ready for that. In fact…. I never really put much thought into it. But, I did take a lot of info from it for the future if I need it.

This was the also the evening of the white party. Everyone was asked to bring a white outfit to wear for this evening. It was so fun and everyone looked beautiful!

I was also able to meet one of The Girls With Glasses, Chrysula Winegar, and the sweet sweet lady behind those adorable moccasins from Freshly Picked.

I’ve gathered all of these photos from many different sources: my photos, Justin Hackworth, b.a.d. photography, and Moss and Isaac.

Up next: Day 2 of the inspiring sessions.

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  • Chelsey on said:

    So so fun!

  • Gabriel on said:

    haha yes!!! aah just looking at the pics makes me smile. Thanks for the mention creative erotica buddy 🙂

  • Katie @mummydaddyme on said:

    It really does look amazing- I wish we had something like that here in the UK. Maybe next year I can persuade my hubby to come out and take a holiday in the US at the time it is on! 😉 x

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