Cute Chick Boiled Egg Snack for the Kids

Cute Chick Boiled Egg Snack for the Kids

I’m always thinking of new ways to make snack or meal time fun for the kid (you can check out some past ideas here). So this snack idea was inspired by Easter. These little chicks are hatching for the Spring. These would be very cute for an Easter morning breakfast!


  • eggs
  • knife
  • carrot
  • tiny edible dots for eyes (I used black salt, could use sesame seeds or bits of olive)

Chick Boiled Egg Snack Directions:

Boil some eggs (you can check out my how to boil the perfect egg post here). Let them cool completely.

Peel the shell off the eggs.

Cut the egg in half, then cut the bottom of each half so it has a flat base and can sit.

Flip the yolk are around in the egg half so the round side of the yolk is face up.

Cut some triangles out of carrot, and place them on the yellow yolk. Add the “eyes” and you’re done!

Cute Chick Boiled Egg Snack for the Kids

Happy snacking!

– Chelsey

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