Day 1: Alt Design Summit

Hello…. I will be wandering through each day of my Alt trip on this here Bloggy blog…. You guys: it was AMAZING! So, I got in on Tuesday at 9 am… Yeah. Maybe a little too early. BUT, I wanted a flight with no stops and to get in on Tuesday. So, that meant I had a flight that left at 6:30 am.

9 am: I am there! Heck yeah. I’ve never been to Utah before. I know nothing about Utah.  I hailed a cab (since I had no idea my hotel offers a free shuttle) and we drove past the most beautiful site. These mountains. Against the blue sky. Gorgeous.

25 dollars later my cabby got me to my hotel safely (sorta… This other car almost drove right into us. Mini heart attack.)

Anyhoo …

My roomies (Jess, Robin, and Jensie.) weren’t there yet so I got myself all settled and ready in the hotel. Answered emails. Tweeted. Ate some Slim Jim’s. Around 2 pm Miss Jess is there and we finally meet! We’ve been buddies since the early days of our blogs. So nice to actually meet her (FYI: she is very sweet and she does rock).

We were hungry and wandered away from the hotel with Julie (the BFF of Jess) and had a super amazing meal at this fun place: Blue Plate Diner. They have these Cajun seasoned fries that were so yum. Super spicy, but delicious.

Eventually the other roomies made it ‘home’ and we ended up at The Green Pig Pub for some dinner. Turns out it was poker night and we were the only ladies… But, good food I’m telling ya! We had some drinks… Chatted chatted… Jess offered to carry my baby in her fancy womb for me (kidding).

And, we all went to bed and cuddled.

Tomorrow: Wednesday at Alt Design Summit!


  • The Daily Wyatt on said:

    I love that it didnt snow forever until you and Jess showed up there and then its been nonstop! I am glad you enjoyed your time in Utah and I hope that if you ever come again we could meet. Maybe at ALT. hmmm…. Who knows. Cant wait to hear more about your trip!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Alt would have been great for you! Lots of photographers. Next year you should join us!

  • shannon@bungalow960 on said:

    I haven't been to Utah since I was very little, and these pictures make me want to go again! Maybe at Alt next year?!

  • Nicole on said:

    Sounds a bit like New Zealand. Nice scenery everywhere… Go into a bar and you are the only girls there… Were they old men standing around like they do that every day? Like you walked in on their local?

  • Laura on said:

    Sounds like you guys had fun! Love all the pictures on Instagram. 🙂

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      A whole week of alt this week! So much to talk about. 😀

  • Emily on said:

    This looks amazing so far! My mom's entire side of the family lives in Utah and I grew up going there each summer. There isn't quite as much to do as Portland or Seattle and the alcohol situation is dire but it's a great place – beautiful mountains!!

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