Day 38: Holiday Mantel Makeover!

Holiday Mantel Makeover #HolidayShelfie

Day 38: Holiday Shelfie Makeover!

I LOVE decorating for Christmas and look forward to it each November (I start to get excited thee day after Halloween)! This year Wayfair gave me a challenge to makeover my mantel and share it with you guys. Here’s the problem with decorating our mantel: we have a big ‘ol TV hanging on the wall right above it. How do I decorate the mantel without blocking the television? Well, my mini forest did the trick. I put the large bottle brush trees along the sides and the little baby trees just below the screen. I love how the whole set up turned out. It’s my little Oregon themed Christmas mantel (if you want to find the full list of items I used from Wayfair, you can find the links here).

Are you getting ready to decorate? Well, here are a few tips for your holiday decorating.

  • I made a little red yarn pom to turn this deer bust (his name is Ramsey) into Rudolph this holiday season! When Christmas is over, I’ll just remove the nose and he’s back to normal. Note: I tied the nose on with some clear fishing wire.

Holiday Mantel Makeover #HolidayShelfie

  • Use some pom poms and ribbon to decorate your bottle brush trees! I did not glue these decorations on, they just stick right to the brush on the trees.

Holiday Mantel Makeover #HolidayShelfie

  • I love LOVE silly plastic lights, but they never come on light-strings that are long enough to go around the entire Christmas tree. So, I just popped the plastic decorations (my deer) off the light-string they come on and put them on my Christmas tree lights.

Holiday Mantel Makeover #HolidayShelfie

  • Do you really want a nice faux Christmas tree, but the price scares you? Skip the 6 or 7 foot tree and go with a shorter version, like my little 5 1/2 foot tree. Place the tree on a wooden box (or maybe a couple of vintage suitcases) to add some height! My shorty tree is now the height of a 6 1/2 foot tree and cost a LOT less. Wrap a little bit of fabric around the base, and you’ve got a cute little tree set up! Note: my grandpa gave me this wood box, but you can also find them at thrift shops. 

Faux Christmas Tree on Wood Box

Ok: if you’re decorating your holiday shelfie right now, be sure to take a photo of it and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #HolidayShelfie for a chance to win $500 to spend at Wayfair. It’s that easy. They’ll be choosing one winner, so get to it!

To check out the full list of items I used from Wayfair, head on over to this post and you’ll find the links (plus 6 other Holiday Shelfie ideas from other bloggers). 

Holiday Mantel Makeover #HolidayShelfie

 Happy decorating! If you’d like to see the other 50 DIY Days of Holiday Crafts, check out this link.

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– Chelsey

P.S. I was not paid for this post, but I was provided with free product (from Wayfair) to make my Holiday Shelfie. I am not running the Wayfair Instagram contest (just wanted to tell you about it). This is the 4th year for my 50 DIY Days. If you would like to check out the past projects, you can click on these links (sorry for any broken links, it’s hard to keep up to date with all the posts… always a work in progress): 2011 // 2012 // 2013!

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