Painted Word Canvas DIY (with free printables to makes your own)

Painted Word Canvas DIY //

So yesterday I created a Photo Canvas DIY (2 ways) for the BHG blog, but my original plan had been to make a third canvas. I ended up having a little painting accident with this third canvas… So I just had to share this DIY later: my Painted Word Canvas. Well, later is today. I know you’ve seen this all over Pinterest (I have), and it was time I tried it. It’s pretty fun! I love the look. I went pretty basic and just used white paint for my project, but why not go crazy and add all the colors? That would be fun. Below I’ve shared a printable quote and an image for you to make your own, but you can definitely use your own image/quote (I use the Kankin font)! I just wanted to make it easy for you. Ok, here’s how I did it:

Painted Word Canvas DIY //



Painted Word Canvas DIY //

– Print out the image on your photo paper. Print out the quote on the sticker sheet. In a well ventilated area (wearing a mask and protective eyewear), spray one layer of acrylic sealer onto the printed image. Note: the acrylic spray will help keep the printed image from running (and also makes it easier to peel the word stickers off).

– Trim the image to the size of your canvas. Spread a light layer of Mod Podge on the top of the canvas. Carefully place the photo onto the canvas. Let the glue dry for over an hour.

Painted Word Canvas DIY //

– Cut out your sticker letters. I just use scissors for this, but you can also use an x-acto knife and cutting mat. Arrange the letter stickers onto the glued photo on the canvas. Make sure all the letter sticker edges are pressed down (so paint doesn’t sneak under there).

Painted Word Canvas DIY //

– Paint 2 – 3 layers of the white acrylic paint over everything (top and sides of canvas). Let this dry COMPLETELY! It’s pretty important to let everything dry. If you don’t, the stickers may tear and paint smear. I waited 12 hours. Note: most stickers should peel off fairly easy, but if they don’t you can use an x-acto knife to encourage the stickers to peel up. If any white acrylic paint peels up, touch up any mistakes with a small paintbrush.

Painted Word Canvas DIY //

You are done. Fun, right? There’s something satisfying about peeling those letter stickers off the canvas and seeing your masterpiece appear!

– Chelsey

P.S. Happy Friday!!!



  • Kresh on said:

    This looks super cute! I think the little tip about using acrylic to make the quality – and sticker peeling – better is great!

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