Beautiful Business Cards from Alt San Fran

Alt San Francisco //

I turned my illustrated rings into business cards. You can find them here.

One of my favorite things about blogging conferences: the beautiful business cards. I’m such a visual person, they really connect me to the individual I’m meeting. You can introduce yourself and chat with someone for a while… and they may or may not remember what it is you do or what your website is. You hand them a unique and memorable business card: chances are they will remember you. At least that’s how it is for me. I mean, if you’re a blogger that writes about baking…. and you hand me a bizz card with a cookie attached: I will remember you.


I’m always just blown away by the variety of thoughtful cards at these gatherings. They are inspiring and oh so pretty. That’s why I take photos of them. Snap a photo and link to all my favorites (this means I can refer to these posts in the future, if I’d like remember the cards). Plus I want to share all these neat card ideas with all of you! All of these cards below tell me a little story about the blogger/business they come from. Enjoy!

Cards with treats:

Alt San Francisco Business Cards //

1. Ringmaster Mom 2. Best Friends For Frosting 3. Crow and Canary 4. 5. The Road to The Good Life 6. Oh So Antsy 7. We Love Citrus

Beautiful cards:

Alt San Francisco Business Cards //

1. Atly 2. Elle Dee Designs 3. Erica Henderson 4. Assemble Shop 5. Moment-Us 6. Frances Bailey 7. Super Duper Fantastic 8. Lifestyle Crafts 9. Pretty Prudent 10. Misty Knight 11. Animal Head Vintage 12. Hello Lidy 13. Gabreilla Orengo 14. 52 Weeks Project

– Chelsey


  • Lidy on said:

    Aw, I am honored to have made it on your lovely list 🙂 It was a pleasure meeting you at Alt! You are such a sweet lady and I am always inspired by your blog! Hopefully we can meet up again in the near future.


  • Jeannette on said:

    Thanks for including my card! I certainly loved your illustrated rings you creative gal!

  • jessica on said:

    Thank you for sharing my card! You're so sweet! 🙂 I've been wearing both my dachshund ring and pin all over the place!

  • Chrystina on said:

    I love business card posts. Yours were adorable. I think the ring is my favorite – but the antlers I got are just lovely 🙂

  • Eden on said:

    Hi Chelsey,

    It was great to meet you at ALT SF. Thank you for featuring my business card in your round up. I'm really enjoying your blog.

  • Lani Derrick on said:

    Honored to make the cute! Great pictures and great meeting you.

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