DIY Cat Food Table

DIY Cat Food Table - The Paper Mama

We have this little dog, Mr. Angus. His number 1 goal in his little Chihuahua life is to find food. Whenever he’s not sleeping, already eating, or asking us for food… He’s searching for food. He will actually eat until he can barely walk and he’s in pain. I’ve seen it. He once found his way to a cat food bowl that was larger than him and I found him whimpering by the bowl, on his side with a bulging belly. He survived that, but it’s quite the challenge to keep him from eating the cat’s food. We have two cats that are getting up there in age (one has arthritis), so I needed some sort of table to keep the food away from Angus that wasn’t too high for the kitties to jump up on. I also wanted the table to fit nicely into our small home.

I searched online and I couldn’t find anything that would work for us, so I decided we had to make it ourselves. We made a DIY Cat Food Table and it’s amazing! We made this in the Fall and it works great for the cats and us, plus it keeps our dog away from the grub. Good thing our dog can’t really jump.

DIY Cat Food Table - The Paper Mama

It’s very simple to make. We bought all of our supplies from Home Depot (minus the metal cat dish). You’ll need the following to make this for your home:

  • A birch plywood board cut into: a matching top and bottom size, matching left and right end size, and a board to cover the back (or leave the back open)
  • Wood screws
  • Four legs + leg attachment parts
  • A metal cat dish (needs to have a lip to work for this project)
  • Paint

DIY Cat Food Table - The Paper Mama


Note: I’m not sharing measurements for this project because I think everyone will need a different size, depending on your home and pet needs.

  1. Cut your boards to size. Measure the diameter of the dish, minus the lip (the lip will need to catch on the hole you cut). Cut the hole in the top board near one of the edges.
  2. Use wood screws to put the piece together.
  3. Paint the pieces and let it dry completely.
  4. You’re done! We have this little cat table in our laundry room. We ended up securing it to the wall since one of our cats is 20 pounds…. But it works great!

DIY Cat Food Table - The Paper Mama

DIY Cat Food Table - The Paper Mama

– Chelsey


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