Roasting Stick DIY

Roasting Stick DIY Roasting Stick DIY

Summer is not over yet! There’s still some nice weather hanging around to give you a chance to enjoy a lovely evening by the fire. And, you know what goes perfect with a lovely evening by the fire? S’mores. OH man, they are so good and are definitely a pregnancy craving. So, a while back I made these really cute roasting sticks DIY and shared them on the HP Create blog. As a kid, we would use branches for roasting over the fire. My roasting sticks are so much better than a branch. They can be cleaned, are reusable, and pretty cute.

Supplies needed to create this Roasting Stick DIY:

  • Stainless Steel Wire – Four ⅛” x 36”
  • Saral Transfer Paper
  • Round dowel – 1” x 36” (this will be cut into four 6” sections)
  • Long drill bit – ⅛”
  • Black acrylic paint (I used Martha Stewart paints with a satin finish)
  • Four colorful acrylic paints (I used Martha Stewart paints with a satin finish)
  • Free Roasting Stick Printable
  • Pencil
  • Painter’s tape
  • Fine point paintbrush and ½” (or larger) paintbrush


STEP 1: Cut the rounded dowel into four 6” sections. In one end of each dowel, use the long ⅛” inch long drill bit to drill a hole into the end. Tip #1: we used a compound miter saw to cut up the dowels, but you can get these cut at the store you buy them from, or carefully cut them with a hand saw.


STEP 2: Mix together a tiny drop of the black paint with a bit of water. This will make the black paint sort of a wash. Brush the black paint wash all over the four sections of dowels and let dry completely. Tip #2: I wanted to use a wash so I could still see the wood grain on the dowel.


STEP 3: Print and cut out the Roasting Stick Printable, or make your own. I created 6 different words you can add to the roasting stick, but you don’t have to use them. Maybe your roasting sticks have a name on them? To trace the word onto the dowel, tape the saral paper (color side down) onto the spot you want the word to go. Tape the word over the Saral paper on the spot you’d like the word to go. Use your pencil to trace the word onto the dowel. The Saral paper transfers the word onto the dowel so you can paint over it!



STEP 4: It’s painting time! Using the fine point paintbrush, carefully paint over the word you just traced onto the dowel with white paint. Let the paint dry completely.


STEP 5: On the drilled end of the dowel, tape off a little section of the dowel (I taped off about 1.5 inches). Grab some colorful paint and your larger paintbrush. Paint on a couple coats of the colorful paints onto the end of the dowel. Let dry completely then remove the painter’s tape.

Roasting Stick DIY -

STEP 6: Grab a finished dowel handle and one stainless steel wire. Push the wire into the drilled hole. To get the dowel all the way into the hole, tap the end of the dowel onto the ground a few times. Tip #3: The hole is tight enough that it should just hold the steel wire in place. If you want to really secure it, you can use some wood/metal glue.

Roasting Stick DIY

You’re ready to start cooking with your homemade roasting sticks. Just be sure to clean the steel wire after each use with soap and water.

Total cost to make 4 – 6 roasting sticks: under $20. I only made four roasting sticks for our family, but with the supplies you buy for my tutorial you have enough to make 6. That’s a pretty good deal.

– Chelsey

P.S. I’m a paid contributor for the HP Create blog.

Roasting Stick DIY


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