DIY LEGO Planter Project – fun to make with kids!

DIY LEGO Planter Project - fun to make with kids!

I really love watching my oldest daughter grow up and turn into a human. She has her own opinions (that she shares with us A LOT) and her creativity grows everyday! Sometimes I just sit back and look at her and think, “How did she come up with that?” Anything related to creativity and art she is into, and that makes it so fun for me because I’m the also into those things. So, when I was sent a box of LEGO® Classic and challenged to use “out of the box thinking”, I knew we could do this. The Upright Citizens Brigade teamed up with LEGO to encourage kids, parents and families to “don’t think” and let your creative juices flow.

I opened up our box of bricks and told my daughter to just start building a tower and a creative idea would come to her eventually. This was a “warm up exercise” tip the Upright Citizens Brigade gave to get the creative juices flowing, and it worked! The tower building lead to her deconstructing the tower and organizing the bricks by color in a muffin tin. She was frustrated that she couldn’t find the exact color she wanted and this was her solution (she loves organization).

Once all of her bricks were organized by color, she was ready to go. Another tip the Upright Citizens Brigade gave was to “Build your world”. I told my kiddo to look around the house and see if there was anything in the home she might want to build. It didn’t take long for her to tell me she just had to build a planter. She’s recently been very into growing plants (she spent her allowance on this Venus Flytrap a couple months ago) and she thought it would be fun to make her own planter with these bricks! Don’t worry, we didn’t plant the succulents directly into the LEGO planters. They are just dropped in so we can play with the LEGO bricks again later.

SO, that big long story brings us to today’s DIY that is brought to you by, my daughter.

DIY LEGO Planter Project

Supplies needed:


STEP 1: Separate the LEGO colors in a muffin tin. This will help you pick out the colors easily while you build!

DIY LEGO Planter Project - fun to make with kids!

STEP 2: Measure the small planters you’ll be planting the succulents in. This will give you an idea for how big of a hole you need for the LEGO planter.

DIY LEGO Planter Project - fun to make with kids!

STEP 3: Begin to add the bricks around the edge of the planter and leave enough space to fit the planter into the hole.

STEP 4: Drop your planted plant into the LEGO planter, and you’re done! When you’re ready to play with these bricks again you can just take the plant out and tear apart the LEGO planter.

DIY LEGO Planter Project - fun to make with kids! DIY LEGO Planter Project - fun to make with kids!

To get a better idea of how we built our planters, check out this video we made!

If you need a good laugh, you can also check out this funny 60 second video of the Upright Citizen Brigade building with LEGO Classic bricks.

LEGO Classic gives builders a “no instructions necessary” building experience providing inspiration that highlights the possibilities of open-ended building to inspire endless play. Ten sets, ranging from $16.99 to $59.99, make the perfect solution for gift-givers or for families looking to add to an existing LEGO collection or inspire their child to try building.

What will you build?

– Chelsey

DIY LEGO Planter Project - fun to make with kids!

P.S. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.




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