Flat Iron Curls

I’ve seen these flat iron curls all over the internets…. and I’ve really wanted to try them out on myself, but I could not figure them out. I don’t know why, I just couldn’t. When I was in New York last month, sweet Stephanie told me they are so easy and she could show me. So, she did. Stephanie said this is the ONLY way she heat curls her hair now, and it holds the curl all day (my hair didn’t last all day in the New York humidity, but her’s did).

On our last morning in New York, we recorded a little video of Steph curling her hair with the flat iron. I hope this video helps you, because it REALLY helped me. I can now figure this darn curl out. Hee. Here are some tips I have for you… that I’ve sort of learned trying this out for myself:

– I like to start the curls around the hair by my ear.

– In case you can’t really tell what’s happening in the video below, here’s how the curl works: close the flat iron on the strand of hair and twist ONE time away from your face, and slowly pull the flat iron down the strand.

– Brushing out the strands of hair BEFORE you curl helps. It can get a little tangled and hard to curl.

– The slower you move the flat iron down the strand of hair, the more curly the hair. Stephanie wanted just a little volume, so she moved a little faster.

– Twisting the strands after each curl isn’t necessary, but I think it helps the curl hold better.

– I always say this: My hair is so straight I need to spritz hair spray on the curled strands as I go, for a better hold.


Thanks again to Stephanie for helping me figure this one out!

– Chelsey


  • Tefy on said:

    Best I have ever used is the Karmin.

  • Tottums on said:

    I have crazy short hair that this would never work on, but I still sat here and watched that ENTIRE video because a) Stephanie is seriously adorbs and 2) I loved that guitar music. lol. Great video!

  • hollysosa on said:

    I chopped all my hair off when I first got knocked up & I SOOOO regret it. I miss being able to do this to my hair. I have total hair envy over you! 😉

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Well, your hair will grow fast while pregnant. Hee!

  • Alena on said:

    I love Stephanie. And this tutorial. I think I try to do too much hair at once. Hmmmmm

  • mjillkrause on said:

    So THAT'S how it's done!

  • the grumbles on said:

    wow, I would have never thought to try that. huh. I may have to bust out the flat iron and try it.

  • @TheNextMartha on said:

    No way. I must try this tomorrow.

  • Jessica Peters on said:

    She is tooooo cute! That is the only way I straigten my hair too, because I never could figure out a curling iron….

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