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Wednesday goodies: balance tape



Last weekend I was losing my mind with the crazy kid running around the house. I had quite a few deadlines I needed to meet, and the craziness was very distracting. Ha! SO, a random desperate thought came to mind: hmmm… she loves to balance, tell the husband to put a line of tape on the floor. Let’s pretend-balance!

It was a success. She was distracted, got a bit of energy out, and I got some work done. We’ve had the tape down since Saturday and she still loves it. I’ll probably pull it up this weekend, so I don’t have to deal with goopy tape later. BUT, for now… she gets a week of balance fun. Maybe we’ll try this trick again in a few months?

- Chelsey



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Work and life balance.

One of the sessions Jess, Robin, and I wandered into at Alt Summit was the Work and Life Balance session. The panel was an amazing group of talented ladies:,, You would think this would be totally obvious, “Oh yeah…. I’ll be a work at home mom. No problem. I can pull it off!” But, turns out I’m not so good at the whole balance thing. Why do we seek balance? What does it feel like? What is it like without balance?

I have so many orders right now I get a bit overwhelmed… I’m forever learning how to manage my time properly: I’m a work at home mom. There’s a lot involved in that role. I often remind myself to stop thinking about work while I’m playing with R. I don’t want to seem distant or like I’m not putting my all into being the best mom I can be for R. And, I know it can’t be healthy to think of work 24/7. I blog for a living…. I don’t live to blog. Something to remind myself. It’s hard when I’m in the moment and think, “Oh, I should take photos of this for the blog….” No. I should take photos of this moment for me. For my family. To remember. In December I talked about how I’ve been actively leaving my best bud, Camera, at home just so I can BE in the moment…. And not the photographer of the moment.

One thing I’ve been doing to get all of the garble out of my head is… Stop… Pull out my phone and add a note to my Note App. That way the thought is out of my head and I know it’s safe and saved along my phone for me to come back to later. Out of my mind. I always have my phone with me anyway…. So, it works! I copy/paste and email the notes to myself for when I’m actually working. In FACT: that’s exactly where I wrote this post. On my phone. I wasn’t sleeping too well and just had to get all my thoughts out… here they are! Actually, this is how I write MANY of my posts.

So, what I really took home from this work and life balance session:

- You can choose what projects you work on. It is ok to say no sometimes. Don’t let the guilt get to you.

- Don’t dilute your brand with quantity. Quality is ALWAYS better than quantity. Oh so true.

- Design your life… who am I? why am I here? and, what am I supposed to be doing?

How do you get your thoughts out?

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