14 Fabulous Decorating DIY Projects!

14 Fabulous Decorating DIY Projects! // thepapermama.com

Images from: BHGNatty By DesignSarah M. Dorsey DesignsLemon Drop Life, and Vintage Revivals.

You guys. It’s so hot outside. The family and I have been hiding in our home to escape the heat, huddled around the small a/c. Ok it’s not that bad, but at least our living room is cool and we can hang out in there while we’re home. It’s really too warm to do too much outside past about noon, so that gives us time to come up with new home decorating ideas while we sit indoors. Today on the Better Homes and Gardens blog I shared 14 fabulous decorating DIY projects. The majority of them are quick and easy (the upholstered headboard may take some time), and all of them are a lovely way to add color and design to your home. There are quite a few talented people out there in the blog world. Head on over to the post to see all 14 ideas!

– Chelsey

P.S. I am a paid contributor for the Better Homes and Gardens Style Spotters Blog.

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