DIY Flower Pom Pom – Using a Pom Pom Maker + a GIVEAWAY!

DIY Flower Pom Pom

The other week I saw someone using a pom pom maker and my mind was blown. I’ve heard of these gadgets, but I’ve never taken the time to really research them. In the past I’ve used a fork to make mini pom poms, but I have to tell you: this is 96% easier than using a fork. This whole pom pom maker business is new to me, but I’m catching on pretty quick. I’ve experimented a bit with the placement of the yarns and all that and that’s when this DIY Flower Pom Pom was created. It’s going to take me A LOT more practice to really get creative with these, but for now my oldest daughter and I are super excited to make about 50 of these flower pom poms for… some craft that we haven’t decided on yet. Do you want to make your own? See how I did it below with this super simple tutorial (comes with a video tutorial).



DIY Flower Pom Pom

How to:

Step 1:

On one side of the pom maker wrap some yellow yarn around one of the paired arches.. Knot the yarn on the inner circle when done wrapping.

DIY Flower Pom Pom DIY Flower Pom Pom

Step 2:

Wrap the pink yarn around the whole arch, twice. Knot the yarn on the inner circle when done wrapping. Wrap the green yarn around the whole arch, twice. Knot the yarn on the inner circle when done wrapping.

DIY Flower Pom Pom

Step 3:

Repeat steps 1 and 2 on the other arch and fold the arches closed together.

DIY Flower Pom Pom

Step 4:

Cut a bit of yarn to tie up your pom with. Just make sure it’s long enough to wrap around the center and tie with.

Securely hold the wrapped up pom maker closed and cut down the center to reveal your pretty design! *These pom makers do like to pop open before you can tie them, so hold on tight!

Wrap your cut bit of yarn down the center of the pom maker and tie. I like to wrap it twice for some extra security.

Release the pom arches and pull apart the pom maker! There’s your pom!

DIY Flower Pom Pom

Step 5:

Your pom will need a bit of a haircut at this point. Fluff the pom a bit with your fingers and trim it up… and now you are done! Use these poms for some amazing  home decor project, or maybe some lovely jewelry?

If you’d like to see me make these pom poms you can check out my video tutorial below, or over on YouTube.

DIY Flower Pom Pom


Do you want to get started making your own pom poms? Yes? This giveaway is just for you. My sweet friend, Rachel from The Crafted Life, just published her first book and it’s LOVELY. The Hello Color book is full of colorful and clever DIY’s and it is also a pretty book to set on your coffee table. Look at it! So cute.

What will you win?

Your very own copy of Hello Color, a pack of 16 colorful mini skeins of yarn (22 yards each), a pack of your very own pom pom makers, and a super cute pair of neon pink bird scissors. With this kit you can jump right in to making all the pom poms.

How do you win?

Just check out the rafflecopter form below. *The giveaway is open to US residents only. Giveaway closes on Saturday, May 26th. I’ll randomly choose a winner after that. Good luck!*

a Rafflecopter giveaway

– Chelsey

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DIY Flower Pom Pom


  • Annette on said:

    I made pom-poms many years ago, but not with a special tool.

  • Karen G Goetsch on said:

    I’ve been thinking about getting some pompom makers forever. They’re so much easier to work with than the cardboard circles I use!

  • lesley on said:

    i have made simple pom poms but would love to make all the creative ones like these flowers and animals, etc that i see on instagram

  • Ashley Sager on said:

    I’ve tried to make them without one of those fancy pompom makers and it didn’t work out so well. ? Need to try it again with one of those!

    • Chelsey on said:

      I’ve tried with a fork and cardboard. These are SO much easier. I can’t stop making pom poms!

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