Around The World Living Room Inspiration

Around The World Living Room Decor Inspiration //

I’m a dreamer. I pin all the things and yeah… I still bookmark web pages that inspire me. Ha! I pin and bookmark pretty pictures to inspire any room or home updates. The other day I was wandering the blog world and saw this lovely home, that was featured on Design Sponge, and it inspired me to make up my own Around The World Living Room Inspiration board. I loved the feel and all the little bits and pieces of the home. I especially loved the living room.

I searched around and found some items that could help me create my own version of this lovely space. If you love it and need this for your home, I shared links to all the goods I gathered below. Enjoy!

1) Yellow Marquee Arrow 2) World Map Art Print 3) Peggy Sofa 4) Wood Pole Scholar Lighting 5) Wooden Top Side Table 6) Par Avion Pillow 7) Sky Pillow 8) Magical Thinking Handmade Rug

– Chelsey

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