Planning my outfits for Alt!

I’ve been slowly gathering together the outfits/clothes/shoes that I want to bring to Alt Summit. And, I think I’m just about ready. BUT, I’m still having an issue with the shoes part of this whole trip… I’ve narrowed down my selection of shoes to 10 pairs. Ha! There are 3 pairs, just looking right now, that I think I can easily go without. BUT, goodness. I don’t know how I can cut down from there! (Yup, I has the shoe addiction problem. :D). ANYway.

For the outfits I’ve shopped my closet, thrift shops… and a little Forever 21 and Target. I didn’t spend much money AT all. Yay. 😀

Are you sick of hearing me blab on about Alt? Sorry… I’m just so so so excited. I leave Tuesday morning people!!!!! Wow. It’s like a second Christmas. I’m so excited.

BY the way. If you’re headed to Alt Design Crush made and shared a very perfect style/outfit list so you can plan out your Alt Summit outfits for the week! Yes! You can download it here


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  • Jess Judkins on said:

    How freaking cute are you!!!! I love all the outfits and your shoes. Thank goodness your not asking us to narrow it down for you bc I wouldn't know which ones to say no to 🙂

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Ha! Well, I asked for help on instagram…… 😀 Down to 7. 😀

  • liz on said:

    that skirt it AMAZING!!

  • rachel on said:

    I just love that first outfit too. Very fifties. And shoes? Yes please.

  • Kelly on said:

    OMG! The shoes!!! love them!!!!

  • Nicole on said:

    I am loving the vintage look!

  • Nicole on said:

    Your shoe addiction suits me! I can just borrow them all! Keep it up sister!

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