Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Packing Packing Packing! For Alt Summit!

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SHhhhh… don’t tell anyone… but, I’m already packing/planning out what I’m bringing with me to Alt Summit (I leave on the 17th)! Yup. I hate getting somewhere and realizing I forgot something…. or, I don’t feel prepared. SO…. I thought I’d share my packing list with YOU. Just in case you need a little help deciding what you’ll need to pack to go to Alt… OR, any other blogging conference… Maybe this will help you pack?
I don’t claim to be a travel pro… BUT, I have traveled quite a bit in my time… (wandering 7 countries at age 17, Greece for my honeymoon, and many more “local-ish-USA” locations). Here are some goodies that I’ve just sort of learned I really need.

Outfit extras:
– Bra strap holder thingys. You know… those bra clasps that hold your bra straps in place so they don’t pop out of your shirt. 🙂
For my tummy yummy yummy:
– Snacks. Lots of snacks. I like to pack these mini slim-jims (I know… super random. But, I gotta snap into a slim-jim sometimes!) and granola bars. I pretty much snack all day and I know that if I’m hungry… I’m not as sweet as I could be… maybe a wee-bit grumpy.
– Tea. I like a nice cup of earl grey tea for my morning caffeine. It’s something I do each morning: brew my tea. When I’m traveling I like to bring my own tea bags. It saves money (instead of spending $2 at Starbucks for each drink).
– Wine bottle opener. Yup. I now ALWAYS pack a wine bottle opener in my suitcase. Please view the video below as to why I now do this (BlogHer 2011 opening wine):

So, if you’re at Alt and need a bottle of wine opened… I’m your girl. 😉

Let’s talk feet:
–  Little tiny square band-aids. These are ALWAYS so helpful while traveling. They are the perfect size for little blisters or sore spots. I always have in my purse.
– Moleskin: Yup. Another goody to save your feet. Every time I travel I cut up little pieces of moleskin to keep in my purse and use for little foot ouchie emergencies. 🙂
– Wool socks: ok, this may only be something I’m packing for the cold Salt Lake City… BUT, I have never owned wool socks before. And, I can only assume that they will be nice to have when I wander the city on our Photo Walk on Wednesday. 🙂
– Shoe cushions, like Dr. Scholls. Yup. Those will save your poor little feet!
Just the extras:
– Neosporin… good for ouchies while out and about.
– Advil. I mean really. Whether it’s the sore muscles… or, maybe too much wine? 😉
– Emergen-c. I like this. A lot. I brought this with me to BlogHer and drank it every night before I went to bed (pretty much 1 am each night). And, I felt pretty good the next morning waking up at 6am – 7am.
– Tiny lint remover. You’ll need it.
– Safety pins. Umm… you’ll need it.
– Sewing kit… you may need it.
– I’m bringing 2 suitcases… HEE! So, I’m flying Southwest Airlines (free bag checks ::high fives::). What I learned from BlogHer: You sorta need that extra space. Whether you’re purchasing some goodies on a trip, or bringing home the items they hand out to you at a conference…. the extra space is lovely. 
So, those are my little randoms of packing! What do you ALWAYS pack when you’re headed out of town? Any tips?

p.s.s.s.s.s…. you still have time to enter my $100 Modcloth giveaway! Enjoy!

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  • candice on said:

    Thanks for all the great tips. I'm going to Blogher for the first time in August so this is SUPER helpful! Happy travels. 🙂

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