The winners of the Holiday Photo Challenge!

First, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you that played along! It was so fun enjoying your holiday photos this year! Thank you! I’m looking forward to doing this again! Be sure to come back in late January for my Valentines Photo Challenge. That one is always adorable (so many cute kiddos eating candy).

SO, first I’ll share the 4th place through 10th place winners. You all did wonderful! Thank you!


{The New Modern Momma}

{Hi, Baby}
{Naptime Momtog}

{The Mom Diggity}

{Nurse Loves Farmer}

{Brenda Shares}

The Paper Mama

AND, the top 3 winners of the challenge:

Third: Six Cherries on Top

{Six Cherries on Top}

The Paper Mama

Second: Ashley Sisk
{Ashley Sisk}

The Paper Mama

First: Luvin Life
{Luvin Life}

The Paper Mama

Congrats to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! Here are prizes for you to choose from! Yay! First I’ll email first place to choose their prize… followed by second… then third! Thank you! AND, I’d like to thank the sponsors for donating! Thank you so much!

– $50 shop credit to Gussy Sews shop.
– $25 shop credit to Barely Measured.
– A Shine necklace from The Shine Project!
– Beautiful Harper Wavy Shell Earrings from PoshLocket.
– $25 Shop credit to Pink Lemonade.
– $20 shop credit to The Paper Mama Shop.


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