Linky dinky do’s to love.

It was my girl’s birthday this last Sunday. She’s 2! Yay! Love her. Party details here.
Looks yummy! Nice little treat for my girl.
Isn’t this piece of jewelry beautiful?
One of my earliest blog reads. Please check her out. Very lovely. <3
Guess what’s for Christmas Morning Breakfast? I wish.
I’m in love with the creations in this shop. Look in the “sold” section for more photos!
Love this streamers backdrop. Very inspiring. The painted tablecloth is very neat too.
I want to marry this closet.
I love this DIY keepsake ornament idea. I actually have a clear ornament I can do this to. I see a quick DIY before Christmas! ::I’m insane::
I know you’re doing some last minute wrapping. How about this sweet custom wrap? DIY.
Thanks to you, you and you for helping get to Alt Summit!

Do you love kitties? ME too. This is a cute story. And, yeah… I did worry a bit about the kitty getting lost. BUT, I think he’ll be fine. 😀

How about an end of the year clearance sale from BabyLegs? Sale ends 12/28. Use code to get 75% off and order of $75 (that’s like $19 for $75 worth of product. Neat.). Code: JOLLY75
I cannot afford this $500+ dollar dress… BUT, I love it.
Wow. This is a beautiful wedding.
This looks delicious. Yes please.

This is the last day to enter to win a giveaway for $100 to spend at Tea. 🙂


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