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My friend Mandy did a Year in Haps over at her blog… And, that really made me want to go back and wander the last 12 months of this year…. It’s seriously fun to wander back and remember what-the-hey I’ve been up to. 😀 Say hello to A Year of The Paper Mama blog!
We started the new year with a one-year-old girl! <3 We watched her take her first step…. followed by walking! I wandered through my favorite photos from 2010 for Memories, Dreams and Reflections. I took some cute/gross photos of my baby girl’s runny nose. There are things I’ve said as a mom…. that I thought I’d never say. 

We had lots of fun with birthday parties and trying new foods… plus we used our new zoo pass! I turned 28 and bought myself a new lens with my birthday moolah! Heck yeah! I’m the best wife ever and made bacon hearts for our small budget Valentine’s dinner! I shared some photos of my shoulder tattoo. My Mr. turned 32. I tried out vlogging for the first time. AND, my favorite… we had the most random and beautiful snow day in February!  And, Ruari hung out with her Forced Best Friend.

I took some really sweet photos of Ruari in front of Toys ‘R Us. She just stood there and didn’t move! We had MORE birthday parties and a baby shower. I tried out my first hair tutorial and LOVED it. Some baby meltdowns were getting me down… AND, I talked about starting my surrogacy research.

I celebrated my one year blog anniversary for The Paper Mama blog! I tried out another hair style tutorial: Messy Side Pony. I asked for advice on how to raise an independent strong girl. MORE birthday parties… My child lost her mind and does some MAJOR babble talk in this 10-minute video I recorded. It’s hilarious. Ummm… I found 5 pairs of vintage shoes for $20! We had a little vacation with family in Bellingham. Happy Easter! And, an important woman in my life. Then, to end the month I met up with a bunch of beautiful bloggers to March for Babies in Washington. <3

Why not… I headed up to WA again for a little girls night out and I LOVED it. A LOT. And, we took the best photo ever… see below. I shared part deux of things I’ve said as a mom that I never thought I’d say. More zoo time! A welcome to baby Ayana. More birthdays. I had a much needed date night with hubby.

We got to know Jess from IROCKSOWHAT better in my Get to Know a Mama series. I started ANOTHER this before that list… and: I haven’t really finished much. I will do better this year! AND, I wandered up to WA again… for a playdate with my favorite bloggers. My kid was glued to me. I was working out and getting in shape! A hair tutorial and Happy father’s day to my hubs!

We got to know Mandy from A Sorta Fairytale better in my Get to Know a Mama series. Hubby made a delicious Potato Pizza and wanted to share the recipe with you! I have another tattoo. MORE birthdays. So, I tried out the No Heat Curl… and, I loved it. I tried to get a photo of my always-moving toddler. My grandpa passed away. Our yummy Jalapeno Popper Dip recipe. IT’S amazing. I tried out some Warby Parker’s. I planned my outfits and got ready to go to BlogHer ’11! I was finally comfortable enough to talk about my postpartum depression.

I started this month off right with a date night and a Wrap Around Side-Braid tutorial. I blab on and on about BlogHer here, here, and here. What would you say? My sister and her fiance visit from New Zealand! Happy 3 years to us! Hubby and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary! Super simple hair tutorial and owning your self portraits! I wandered up to WA AHgain and my Chihuahua is trying to kill himself. Uhh… in WA again to see family and Ruari makes a friend. Pretty hilarious photo collage if you ask me. 😉

New blog design by, the amazing Don from Adeline’s Daddy! We had a sweet family picnic in the park. Get to know a Mama…. errr Dad! A Day to Night hair tutorial! Playing with a fan and my camera. 9 Years ago I met my husband. A little family vacay in Maupin, OR. If you haven’t met me in real life… this is the best way I can describe myself! We did it! We planned a successful PNW Blogger Meetup and I blogged about here, here, and here. The A to Z of me. The Knotted Sock No Heat Curl hair tutorial. I went thrifting. Again. The most delicious chocolate chip cookies EVAH.

A sweet and simple paper doily wreath for your home. Ugh… I tried timeout for the first time! I made a cute sewing kit in a jar for a gift! I went braid freakin’ crazy and shared a Braided Crown hair tutorial and a How to Braid Your Bangs video. 😀 Some scary ass shiz. We had the most adorable pumpkin patch trip ever! Talking about my withdrawal symptoms from my postpartum drugs. I made a sweet fox costume for Ruari! Fried chicken! AND, a very Happy Halloween!

This is the post where I put my fears and insecurities behind me and share my scars! Phew. ::wipes sweat off mah brow:: I started my 50 45 DIY Days of Christmas. I created a Vintage Pinned Hair tutorial. I LOVE wearing my hairs this way. I love this outfit! The Paper family’s Christmas card. Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m learning to step back… and breath. My little mustard girl. A VERY happy birthday to my baby girl! Ruari answers 20 questions. Love this sweet girl. Some 2nd birthday celebration! And, a VERY merry Christmas!

Hey! Did you do a blog year in review! Let me know in the comments below. 😀 My friend Jess also created one!


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