Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Christmas-timin’

We had the most amazing and lovely Christmas this year. It really just gets so exciting when your kid gets older and starts to understand the whole Christmas thing better. My favorite part of the day: just watching R have fun! Yup, that even beat getting an iPad for Christmas (sorta). So, normally I’m a picture crazy fool. But, for whatever reason this year (I think it’s because of my goal to BE in the moment… Not the photographer of the moment) I took no photos on Christmas day. This sort of bothers me…. But, I know I was having so much fun with my family… And, it’s ok. I don’t need the photos. My uncle had his camera out and documented the day. I just didn’t need to. Well, I did take one with my iPhone of my new pretty iPad. 😉

The next day I took some photos of Miss R (on the 26th) playing with one of her favorite gifts from Christmas. This little puzzle/wooden train from her Auntie and Uncle. It’s pretty amazing. She actually will sit still and play with it happily for 20 minutes straight! Yes, I said 20 minutes straight! No kidding around her. How amazing is that?

 Did you have the most amazing Christmas ever? I hope you did (if that’s the holiday you celebrate)! <3 Happy Wednesday!

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