Day 1: Etched Mustache Glassware DIY

Etched Mustache Glassware DIY

Etched Mustache Glassware DIY

Etched Mustache Glassware DIY

Day 1: Etched Glassware Mustache DIY (using a Dremel)

It’s Day 1 of my 50 DIY Days of Holiday Crafts for 2014. Wow. My 4th year doing this, and yeah… I’m crazy. Anywho, let’s chat about what I’ve made for today. A couple of cute mustache beer glasses, plus one kitty whisker glass (for me). I know mustaches are EVERYwhere, but I still love them. Especially when you put them on a mug or glass and it looks like you have a mustache or whiskers when you take a drink. Ha! Glass etching has been on my to do craft list FOREVER, and now I’m addicted. It was so much fun to do this. I’ve actually had a Dremel for about 10 years, but I just never tried anything with glassware. I think I was too nervous to even give if a try. Not anymore! It’s so much easier (and fun) than I thought it would be. Basically you just need a pattern taped to the inside of the glass, and your Dremel (and a few minutes of time).

How perfect would this DIY be for a gift? My husband always loves a tasty craft beer for Christmas (we are Portlanders) and we can always use another glass (we have a crazy 4-year-old that has dropped a few of our favorite glasses). Ok, are you ready to do this? Follow my directions below. There’s also a quick video below that will help.


Etched Mustache Glassware DIY



Print out the mustaches printable. Cut out each shape to a size that can fit in your glassware.

Etched Mustache Glassware DIY


Tape the mustache pattern to the inside of your glass.

Tip: glassware can get a bit expensive if you need to buy a lot, but I can always find nice sets at our local thrift shop for cheap.


Put your diamond tip into your Dremel and tighten. Turn on the Dremel and put the speed to 28.


Wearing your eye protection and mask, get started with the etching. Follow the outline of your pattern. If you’re using the new Dremel micro, you’ll have the cool LED front end lighting to help you see the pattern.


After you have the outline etched, I found it was easier to see what you’re doing if you take the pattern out of the glass to fill in the mustache.


Wash your glass with soap and water.

Etched Mustache Glassware DIY

Etched Mustache Glassware DIY

I’m totally a visual person, so just in case you are too…. I made a video for you to follow.

Now that you’re done you have a choice to make: Will you keep this for yourself or give as a gift? It’s so easy, you might as well make one for yourself and a friend.

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– Chelsey

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