Lace Hanging Planter in the Portland Mercury!

Lace Hanging Planter //

I’m pretty darn excited. Today I have a DIY in The Portland Mercury, found on the Crafty Wonderland insert. Since many of you aren’t lucky enough to get this awesome local newspaper…. I’m sharing the DIY here! Really excited about this. I’ll have to get a couple copies for myself and take a ton of photos. Ha! Well, here’s what’s going to be in the paper. I love these planters:

I live in a tiny home and I prefer not to cover my limited surfaces with plants. How do I deal with this? Hanging planters, of course! This is a VERY quick and simple project. Perfect for even the non-crafty people. I made these sweet little Doily Plant Holders to put in my little girl’s room. She wanted plants in her room, but I didn’t really want my 3-year-old to have easy access to dirt in her bedroom. Might as well just avoid that situation. Ha! SO, let’s make Lace Hanging Planter Holders.

Lace Hanging Planter //


– 3 lace doilies

– 3 small containers (I used two old jars and a small tea cup)

– Rope (the length depends on how low you’d like your plants to hang, I used about 3 to 4 yards for each hanger)

– 3 small succulents

– 3 scissor snaps

– Needle and thread

– Scissors


1. Cut 4 even sections of rope. For my shorter hanging planters I used just under a yard for each section of rope. If you prefer, you can use 3 pieces of rope to hang your planter, but 4 strands is a bit sturdier.

2. Thread the end of one rope strand through a hole on the doily. Tie a secure knot. Repeat this with all of your rope strands, making sure you spread the rope out evenly.

Lace Hanging Planter //

Lace Hanging Planter //

Lace Hanging Planter //

3. Use a needle and thread to sew and secure the knots.

Lace Hanging Planter //

4. Optional: If your doily has a few scallops (like mine) you can stitch the sides of each scallop to it’s neighbor. This will make the doily deeper for your planter.

Lace Hanging Planter //

Lace Hanging Planter //

5. Place your container in the doily and hold it up with your hand, try to make it hang evenly, then tie the strands of rope into a knot.

Lace Hanging Planter //

Lace Hanging Planter //

6. Braid the remaining portion of your rope, leaving about 3 inches at the end.

Lace Hanging Planter //

7. Tie your rope onto one scissor snap (I like these because they twist). Use your needle and thread to secure the knot onto the scissor snap.

Lace Hanging Planter //

8. Plant one small succulent into one container.

9. Hang your doily plant holder somewhere special, and place your planted succulent in the doily.

Lace Hanging Planter //

10. Repeat steps 1 through 9. to make your remaining plant hangers.

11. Enjoy!

Lace Hanging Planter //

– Chelsey


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  • Robert Brown on said:

    Wow! What a great idea! I think this can also be apply in gardening. Good design for those plants in pots hanging.

  • Carolyn on said:

    I love this idea – especially when I realized I don't have to crochet that doily myself! Little aloe plants would be great in these. I have some miniature ones in my yard that the rabbits are determined to eat. Looks like they'll get a new home.

  • Poekitten on said:

    What a great idea! I don't have plants inside because one of my kitties likes to eat plants. This might work! Thanks:)

  • Denise on said:

    Oh Chelsey…Wouldn't they be cute hanging on summers evening with little tea lights in them. 🙂
    Great idea!

  • Jackie on said:

    I have been looking at a variety of hanging planters, but these are the first lacey version. Very delicate looking with the little succulents.

  • alicia on said:

    What a creative idea! These doily planters are too stinkin cute!

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