Project plan a wedding in 2 weeks: done.

Oh friends…. I have been so busy. In a fantastic a way. One of my closest friends got married this last Sunday. If you follow my instagram… you probably saw my many wedding themed photos this weekend.

Why a wedding in 2 weeks? Well, I won’t go into too many details. My friend has a very important family member that’s very very sick and we’re not sure if they would be there for the wedding in July. SO, my friend dropped all of her wedding plans…. I’m talking all of them and started from step 1. Her fiancΓ© (now husband) was amazing and sort of took over everything. All those little details and plans that needed to be handled: he did it.

It turned out to be a beautiful wedding (of course…. I was with my closest friends). It was such a happy and sad day. I cried so much… I’m tearing up now. We’re happy they are married. BUT, we are sad about the reasons the wedding had to come so soon.

Pretty much: it was a beautiful day (even with the record amount of rain) and I love my friend and her hubby so much. SOooooooo much. I have so many more photos to share (including her custom drawing I finished in RECORD time). BUT, we will wait until we get some photos back from the photographer… since I didn’t take any.

Happy Tuesday to you all! I’m just now catching up. Which, will take some time (remember, my meet up is in less than 2 weeks. Whoa). So, hang in there with me. AND, have a wonderful Tuesday! Hug and love your friends and family! <3

– Chelsey


  • jesterqueenie on said:

    May the joy of having that sick relative at the wedding last well beyond the possibility of the loss. Or possibly the certainty. One doesn't move one's wedding up on a whim, so this must be very serious.

  • roxana on said:

    can't wait for the meet up!! and i have some pics if you want. i will share. <3

  • Kelsey on said:

    It was so whimsical and magical and the spring rain made everything smell SO. FRESH. That kind of authenticity can sometimes get lost in a wedding that takes months (years?) to plan, I believe.

    And yes. LOTS of crying.

  • nanettep on said:

    I'm sorry they had to rush it, under the circumstances, but it sounds like it was pulled off without a hitch. HA! Hitch! Get it? Sending my congrats & best wishes.

  • Liliana on said:

    Beautiful story and happy it was done in record time for them, cant wait to see the photos.

  • secret mom thoughts on said:

    I had friends who moved their wedding up for a sick relative too. Such a bittersweet moment.

  • imlivinginadream on said:

    Oh goodness this is such a beautiful story. All the best to the new bride & groom! πŸ™‚

  • nseiderphotography on said:

    Congrats to your friends. Weddings are fantastic events.

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