Hello! Soooo, last week I was all, “Yeah, I have ad space on sale! Yay!” But, since I’m new to Passionfruit… I didn’t set up my discount code properly. SO, if you tried to use my code and it didn’t work, I’m sorry! It should be all fixed now. So, here’s the info: 25% discount off 1 month of ad space for one more week! Use this code:


AND, if you’d like to get a BIGGER discount… just for this week (through May 31st) I’m offering 35% off the month if you purchase 2 quantity at the same time. So, when you fill out your ad space info, it will ask for the quantity… you need to put “2” for this promo code to work.

Enjoy! And, hope to have you! Click here to buy your ad space.

P.S. If you need me to create a button for you (something I offer for free to all sponsors) just email me at thepapermama at gmail dot com after you purchase a spot and send me a couple photos you’d like me to work with. Your ad space time will start when I finish your button. 


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  • Elena on said:

    Hey Chelsey! I just wanted to let you know that I bought some of your ad space for two months and took advantage of the discount! Thanks so much!

  • Emily S. on said:

    Doh! No wonder I thought I paid full price. Oh well.

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