50 DIY Days with Capturing Life’s Magick: Dream Pillows

Day 44: Hi, I am Danni from Capturning Life’s Magick! I am a SAHW and soon to be SAHM to my first child. I love blogging about my adventures in life, love and pregnancy (soon to be motherhood).Dream Pillow are really easy make, they are probably one of the easiest things to make (if you have a sewing machine). First off you would go to your local hobby/ craft store to pick out your “ingredients” such as fabric, sachets and pillow stuffing. 
When you sow your pillows together make sure your fabric is inside out, this way you will get that seamless look to it. Only sew it on three sides leaving the fourth side open for your pillow stuffing and sachet.

Once you have those items you might want to head over to your local grocery store or all natural shop where you get your herbs from. What do you want out of your dream pillow? Well are a lot of ideas Google for more herbs if you want the sachet in your pillow to help you create a certain sleeping atmosphere. 

As for me I like Lavender, Chamomile and a cinnamon stick. It creates a lovely peaceful scent. You can use flax seed as filler if you like so your sachet is nice and full or you can let the herbs chill lose in the little baggie.

Once you are done filling your baggies up they’ll look kind of like this:

Before you place your bag of herbs into your pillow you will need to stuff it. I got this at Wal*Mart for less than $5:

After you get your pillow half stuffed, stick your sachet of herbs in the middle, and then finish packing in the pillow filler.
Now if you are really handy with sewing by hand you can create that seamless stitch you created on the other three sides of your pillow by flipping a little section of the fabric inside the pillow and stitching it back and forth from one side to the other. Make sure that when you do this you have flipped your pillow right side out so whatever pretty fabric you picked out will be on the outside of your pillow.
If you are not handy with sewing by hand but you would like to have your pillow open so you can wash it from time to time you can take a string/ribbon and do the same thing as above but make sure that your flap that you flip inside your pillow covers your ribbon with enough room so you do not accidently sow that to your pillow. Use your sewing machine to sow all the way around from corner to corner. Pull your ribbon tight and tie it together in a bow a knot or whatever you choose to do. Don’t forget to tie off the end of your ribbon so it can’t get pulled through the little opening on the corners. Get creative with it. Truly make it your pillow.
Lastly, if you don’t care cause your never really going to show this pillow to very many people then take your two end of your pillow stick them together and sow from one end to the other with your sewing machine. You will see your stitches this time but it is really quick and simple if you don’t have the time to fiddle with the above.
So there you have it. Your very own Dream Pillow. This makes a very cute gift for friends and family members alike and smells absolutely divine. Happy Dreaming Folks!
Thank you SO much to Dannelle from Capturing Life’s Magick! What a LOVELY guest post. Thank you for joining my 50 DIY Days of Christmas!

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