50 DIY Days: Give.

Day 30: I really wanted to include a “Give” post in my 50 DIY days. I want Ruari to understand giving and volunteer work is an important thing to do. We all take some much from this planet and throughout our lives, I think it’s important to give back. It would be pretty much impossible to give back to each and every charity you hear of…. but, I want to make it a goal for our family to give back at least twice a year. I think that’s a realistic goal. So, where to start…
Our local charities in Oregon:
– Work in a soup kitchen for the day.
KGW 8 does a Christmas Toy Drive every year.
– There’s always a local gently used coat drive
– Quilts for the Homeless
– So many more…
There’s always some sort of charity event or volunteer thing going on this time of year. Do some research…. see where you can help. OR, do your own thing!


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