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I saw this “Currently” post on sweet Danielle’s blog this week. And, I’m always down for a little themed blog fun. 😀 It’s what I’m currently doing… Wednesday night.
Obsessing over: Crafting! Pretty much… non-stop (seriously). My current projects: finishing touch ups on Ruari’s thrifted $25 play kitchen for her birthday… and, starting her handmade doll for Christmas! 😀
Working on: SO much. Thanks to EVERYONE that purchased ad space and blog banners so I can go to Alt Design Summit in January! I made my goal! HURRAY! CAN’T WAIT! But, now I’m super busy with orders! So, I’m working on that… and, of course Ruari’s birthday/Christmas presents. And, I’m drawing! A lot. Love it. 
Thinking about: EVERYTHING. My mind is sort of a messy jumble these days… so much to do in very little time. Orders, crafting presents, just breathing…. I have a goal for myself this next year: breath more. Relax. Take a moment… OR, find someone to organize my days for me. 😉 Next holiday season I will be more prepared with my shop and I will not stress so much. I refuse! 🙂
Anticipating: Christmas. I LOVE Christmas. My favorite holiday. The last couple of Christmas years were a bit hard for me…. I was still dealing with almost losing my life during Ruari’s birth one week before Christmas in 2009. Then, the postpartum I dealt with throughout 2010 and into that Christmas. I’m doing really well now and cannot wait for the holiday year! It’s like I’m a kid again and have so much to look forward to! Reading The Night Before Christmas to Ruari… Baking cookies for Santa with her… Everything. I cannot wait. AND, I’m so freakin excited go to Alt Design Summit this January!!!
Listening to: Ruari breath on the baby monitor… and the background noise of the Grammy’s concert on CBS. Wow… it’s past 10. I should be in bed…. listening to my hubs snore!
Drinking: water… I had a glass of wine earlier. It’s gone.
Wishing: I had more time in the day… Or, maybe I just take on too much? Hmmm…. 😉
How about you? What are you currently doing?

AND, of course… some links I’m LOVING this week! <3
All the links I’m LOVING this week!
– The BEST paper dolls EVER. I love each and every one!
– Yes! Finally a good tutorial on how to make your own .gif in Photoshop. 😀
– I make bean dip for every party I go to… and, I always buy the store bought taco seasoning… not anymore!
– Well, this artist’s work of paper cut silhouettes is pretty awesome.
– This wreath is BEAUTIFUL.

– Thank you to her and her for donating towards my trip to Alt Design Summit!!!!

– You guys…. this cake is AMAZING! Holy moly.
– OMG… could someone please please please please make these and invite me over.

– This lady is my new neighbor! Ok, not really… she just lives in the same state now. 🙂 She’s so sweet!

– AND, I’m doing a little “What’ in my bag?” guest post over here today. 🙂

– ONE MORE THING: don’t forget to enter your sweet Holiday Photo’s into my photo challenge! Prizes to win! Yay!


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