AND, the photo challenge winner of "Brown." is…

First off, I just have to tell all of you how awesome the photos were this week! SO hard to find my favorites! It’s really been fun watching all of you grow in your photos! I love it. On to the winners!

This weeks guest judge: 

chose the top 5 this week! Please go check out her blog! And, thank her for guest judging!

Now, on to the top 5 chosen by Tia:

Why Tia chose this photo: “This shot is a great example of how a photo can be incredibly striking even if your child is out of focus. A very creative short DOF shot.”

Congrats! Please feel free to grab a “fact: I’m awesome … #1 winner” button below. Because: you ARE awesome! And, thank you SO much for participating!

The Paper Mama

Tia says, “Love, love her cowboy hat and brown freckles. It’s hands down my favorite portrait entry in the challenge. ” 

Tia says, “This old fella’s eyes made me melt. A perfect capture of a perfect family friend.” 

Tia says, “The fact that different hues of brown are captured in this photo made this one stand out for me. I also like how the little girl is looking so sweetly at the cow.” 

Tia says, “This photograph had a lot of “awwww” factor. Daddy snoozing on the (brown) couch with a very wide awake baby … how adorable is that?!” 

Congrats to the top 5 winners! Great job, and please feel free to grab the top 5 button below! You’re all awesome!

The Paper Mama

The Paper Mama’s favorite photos (in no particular order):

Although I did not pick the winner this week, I did want to share my favorites. So hard to choose! If you’re one of my favorites you are more than welcome to grab a “Paper mama hearts me” button below!

The Paper Mama

And, just for fun… Tia and I both have a couple of honorable mentions:


Guess what…. after 4 challenges there will be a week long vote off of the winners from the 4 previous challenges… The winner of the vote off will get a small prize! 0 more challenges to go…

Winners so far:


Please check out this weeks photo challenge: “Fingerprint.”

If you have an Etsy shop and would like to give away an item as a prize… please drop me a line! I ♥ sponsors and will show your shop some love for your contribution. 🙂

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