It’s time for the VOTE OFF!

NOTE: SOOOOOoooo, the last couple people that won the vote off: I found a couple of envelopes in my hubby’s car under the seat for you guys. He was supposed to send them out. I think they got lost under the seat. Sorry! There was a whole pile of letters I asked him to send out for me. Anyway, I’ll send them out Monday. 🙂

Why Mandy chose this photo: “I love love love this. Great perspective, focus, and composition. I love all of the browns in the photo, the pink flower just pops.

Why Lindsay chose this photo: “Holy mommy-hood defined in a photo!

Why Joni chose this photo: “There is something about seeing a little boy and his daddy that is just so amazing to me.  I can see the bond and the love in this photo and it actually makes me a little teary eyed every time I look at it. Such a great moment that was captured!

Why Tia chose this photo: “This shot is a great example of how a photo can be incredibly striking even if your child is out of focus. A very creative short DOF shot.”

Please Vote! Voting will end on July 30th, 2010 at 11:59 pm. Get your friends and family to vote! 🙂 Make a post on your blog linking back to the vote post.

What will the winner of this vote win you ask? A couple of cards from my Paper Lady Invites shop! Yay! So, go on and vote!

Would ya could ya? Vote for me?
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