• Ashley Sisk on said:

    It looks like you're smoking a baby ciggy…but that's just wrong.

  • Christopher And Tia on said:

    Haha, running around with a sucker in your mouth. God I want a Tootsie Pop now.

  • beka on said:

    Hahhaa, that's cute. 😀

  • sara on said:

    How many licks did it take to get to the center? I can see now where Rauri gets her awesome cheeks

  • jill on said:

    too too cute! i love the look of old photos! we must be same age because i was born in 83 too!

  • Nikki on said:

    So cute! Now let's think about this. Would you ever let your little one suck on a lollipop while on a rocking horse? Choking hazard! I guess you survived…I'll probably be one of those Moms that freak out about everything 😉

  • Oh Mandie on said:

    What a lil cutie pie you were! You definatly seemed to be enjoying that lolly 🙂

  • Nikki on said:

    Aww I love old photos! Your so cute!!Hey if I wanna link up and do flashback fridays do I just do it, or do I ask or how do I go about doing it? Lol :)Thanks!

  • Carol on said:

    I love retro pics. You were a cutie with those chubby bubby cheeks!

  • AlyGatr on said:

    It's a GREAT pic even if you can't remember a thing about it 🙂 I have some of those but I'm older than you, so I have many more years to remember back on! MMM…now I want a Tootsie pop…for breakfast maybe?

  • ourlifeinaclick.blog on said:

    Awww so cute!! You make me feel so old!

  • A Marine's Wife on said:

    mmm tootsie pops!

  • Dina @ 4 Lettre Word on said:

    Well, in '86 I was already 13 yo…but I probably still enjoyed Tootsie Pops.So cute!

  • Emily on said:

    You sure were a cutie – you and your daughter look a lot alike! Sorry I havent commented in a while, but I always try to make it over and check your wonderful pictures!Emily <a href="http://www.familyandlifeinlv.com” target=”_blank”>www.familyandlifeinlv.com

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