I know… I know… I post WAY too much! 🙂

But, I just have a few randoms I wanted to share with you. 🙂

FIRST} I updated my Paper shop! More crowns! A couple are on sale! Get them while they’re hot! 😉

Second} I did a little blog interview over at the lovely blog: The Baby Who Lunches! This is really such a cute blog, I’d love for you to go check it out!

Third} Ruari has a second tooth coming in and I can’t get a photo! I’m trying. 🙂

Fourth} So…. Thanks to ALL of you lovely LOVELY bloggers… I chose a camera… Yes, I went a little crazy and decided to just do it! I bought my camera! I found it on Ebay and got a great package deal… What camera did I choose? Drumroll…dddddddddddddddddddd (that’s a drum roll)…  a Canon Rebel XSi. Yay! I plan to play with this camera for at least 6 months and move on up the camera ladder if I feel I’m ready. 🙂

Ok, I want to thank the following bloggers for there awesome input! I REALLY came to a decision because of you guys! The Wishful Lamb, Jess Craig, Nicole, Just Bits and Pieces, Pam, Secret Mom Thoughts, Claire’s Creations and Photography, Renee, Chana, LeAnna, Eboix, Pam, Joey&Casey, Erin, sara, alissa4illustration, Nikki, Keriann, Jhen.Stark, Joni, Ashley Sisk, Hannah, Mandy, Karli, Courtney K., Ariana, Jen, Shawntae, janineb, Mommyto2, Shari, Tezzie, Natalie, Mandy, carlotta, Tiffany, and Hannah.


Fourth} I received a couple of awards and just wanted to say THANK YOU!

From the Artsy Canvas Girl:

 7 things about me:
– I’m still in my pajamas and it’s 6 pm. Oops.
– I love wine.
– I just bought a new camera!
– I’m meeting a few bloggy friends in a week!
– I’m going to have breakfast for dinner. In jammies.
– My baby is really grumpy right now.
– I want to go to bed early. 😀

From the unofficial mom:

Thank you
thank you
thank you!
I heart your blog too!

The numbers have been reset! Help me get in the top 10! I ♥ you!
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  • Hannah on said:

    Yeah! So exciting! So glad that you went with Canon! Hee hee…can't wait to see MORE gorgeous pictures! 🙂

  • Ashley Sisk on said:

    Like I told you before – I'm excited for your purchase. I think I also need one of your crowns. Would it be weird if I wore it everytime I blogged? 🙂

  • Linkie Lueville on said:

    oh yaya!!!! congrats on the camera! 😀 it's about freakin time!

  • sara on said:

    See…if I had just kept going through my reader I would have known which camera you got 🙂

  • Nikki on said:

    Yay you are going to LOVE your camera!!! 🙂 Congrats and your welcome on the advice glad I could help!

  • Erin on said:

    You may not know this, but I just gave you a virtual high-five!!!I am SO excited for you!!! I think you made the right decision :-)YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!

  • Mommyto2 on said:

    glad you got a new camera!! It's so exciting learning about it! I know the pictures are going to be wonderful!

  • Just Bits and Pieces on said:

    YAY!!! Congratulations!!!! Happy shooting! Can't wait to see what you'll be posting!

  • The Wishful Lamb on said:

    yeah!!! we are camera twins lol! I love my Rebel and plan on getting a D5 by next feb. LOL that is mine and my hubby's 6th anniversary.

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