Flashback Friday: Another family photo shoot…

So, I believe this may have been around 1985. I was probably just about 2 years old. We went to the mountain to get our photos taken! Ok, no. That’s just a picture of a mountain. Anyway, I realized last week that I hardly ever include my brother in my flashbacks. There he is! 😀

{Chelsey, Nicole, and Adam. 1985}

Please give my sister’s blog a visit. She just got back into blogging!

Flashback with us:

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  • Christopher And Tia on said:

    hahah "no thats just a picture of a mountain". silly. and GOSH this is such a cute picture.

  • Yellow House on said:

    Love all the chubby cheeks and the baseball romper! Cute little family, you all were (and still are, I am sure!)

  • Kunklebaby on said:


  • Julia on said:

    finding you thru flashback friday!!! love your blog!!

  • CraftGirlAlli on said:

    Isn't it funny how there used to be the ugliest scenery in the backgrounds. I'll have to dig through my photos now lol. But it's still a cute pic…thanks for sharing!

  • Danielle on said:

    Those photos are super cute!!

  • Christina on said:

    That's adorable! 🙂

  • Melissa on said:

    Cute photo. Love the new look of your blog 🙂

  • Renee on said:

    Awesome pic! You 3 were cute babies!!!

  • krissilugbill on said:

    this is photo is so classic and awesome…love it

  • Mommy Elephant Sarah on said:

    Heh! Look how cute your brother is!! It's fun that you have these kind of photos!!

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