The Most Delicious Coconut Flour Paleo Tortillas, Ever.

In the past few years I’ve tried all the “diets” out there to find out what works for my body, and what does not. It’s not about losing weight. It’s about feeling good and having more energy in the day. There are things I’ve figured out on this journey and I’m slowly learning what works for me. I’ve gone mostly meat free for a year with lots of grains and felt great, but that wasn’t realistic, or for me (I love steak, pork, and chicken). I’ve done gluten free (probably the wrong way… hello gluten free cookies) and felt fine. I’ve done Whole 30 and have felt amazing with a lot of energy, but Whole 30 is a little extreme for me because I LOVE food, and I think that’s okay, but I do not want to be on that “diet” forever. I just need to be sure I’m eating these foods that are bad for me as treats. Not everyday. I don’t ever eat sweets (it’s not really my thing, unless it’s Oreos) and I need to make the way I eat a lifestyle.

I know that wheat, corn, rice, and dairy (that’s the hardest part for me) are very hard for me to digest. When I eat those delicious things I get real tired and bloated and just not happy, but I know I still want these things on occasion. So I’ve decided to create my own “diet”. It’s not really a diet. Just a way of living. Lately I’ve been eating what my body can easily digest (and I feel great after eating) and giving myself a cheat day once or twice (or thrice) a week (yeah, that’s fried chicken/nap time). It’s sort of a gluten free whole 30 paleo life. I’ve been feeling a LOT better and I’m happy. I get to go out to eat with my friends and it’s okay if I have a corn tortilla with tacos. BUT, when I’m home I’m doing my best to eat the way that makes me feel good.

So here I am today to share a very successful recipe with you. We are having taco night and I was really sad to not have any tortillas with this meal (omg, I love tacos), so I found this amazing paleo tortilla recipe on Stupid Easy Paleo. I adjusted some of the recipe and I’m sharing what I did below, but these tortillas are so yummy. They are soft and perfect for taco night.

The Most Delicious Coconut Flour Paleo Tortillas, Ever.




Step 1: Crack the eggs into a bowl and whisk them. Melt the water and butter together until it’s medium heat. Whisk and combine with the eggs.

Step 2: Add your dry ingredients (tapioca flour, coconut flour, and salt) and combine.

Step 3: In a pan heated over medium heat (preferably non stick) pour a 1/3 of the batter into the pan. After about 30 seconds to a minute you will be ready to flip the tortilla. When the tortilla is done place in on a paper towel to cool.

Step 4: I’ve stored these tortillas for the evening and they are still good. So easy to make ahead. If you have extras maybe you can make something with it for your breakfast?

That’s it! Enjoy these tortillas. Don’t worry about how odd shaped they are, they still taste delicious and are grain free. Yay! You can adjust the recipe to your needs. Some people prefer to use ghee, but we always use Kerrygold butter. It also seems like the arrowroot powder and tapioca powder are interchangeable. The original recipe called for arrowroot, but I was very successful with tapioca.

Have a great Wednesday!

– Chelsey

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