Day 18 Stocking Stuffer: Photo Bookmark DIY

Photo Bookmark DIY

Photo Bookmark DIY

Day 18 of my 50 DIY Days: Photo Bookmark DIY

As my daughter gets older, the books we read get longer and longer. We read to her each night, but sometimes I can’t read a whole book to her (or she’ll never get to bed). SO, that’s where these bookmarks come in. I know I could have bought some from the store for cheap… but these cost me nothing to make since I had all the materials needed, and they are cuter than any store bought bookmark. Look at our little weird dog, ready to hold our spot in last night’s book.

My original plan with this HP Create DIY was to take photos of our dog AND our cats, but it seems cats are cats and they wanted NOTHING to do with sitting still on a piece of white foamcore board. Ha! So, we took photos of a couple of my daughter’s favorite stuffed animals instead. You can check out the full DIY here to see how I made the tassel and I share tips on how to take a photo for the bookmark (using any camera you have on hand).

I think these Photo Bookmarks would make the best stocking stuffers for the kids this Christmas.

Supplies needed to create a Photo Bookmark:

    • HP Photo Paper
    • White background for the photos (I used a large white foam core board)
    • Camera (any camera will work, even your phone)
    • Double sided scrapbook adhesive
    • Scissors
    • Hole punch
    • Embroidery thread
    • Fabric glue
    • Optional: clear acrylic sealing spray

Photo Bookmark DIY

Total cost: $0 (as long as you have a printer and photo paper on hand)

Are you wondering what the 50 DIY Days is? Each year I share a bunch of holiday DIY ideas, recipes, and guides to inspire you during the Fall. Starting now, through early December, you’ll find a ton of great ideas to get you ready for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any sort of holiday gift giving. You can check out this link to explore past DIY Days.

– Chelsey, The Paper Mama

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