An announcement.


Hi guys,

How are you? It’s been a while. I’ve been away from blogging, instagram, and a lot of things…. because my husband and I got a bit of a surprise a couple months ago: I’m pregnant. It’s a shock and exciting and scary. I’ve been so sick with “morning” sickness (it’s really been all day/all night sickness) that I haven’t been a real human for about 8 weeks, so I put the business on hold for a bit.

In the past I’ve mentioned that my husband and I were told I probably shouldn’t carry another baby (due to a rough birth with my daughter), but our doctor (who was there for the first birth) said a lot has changed in the medical world since we had our daughter in 2009 and he believes we will be fine. I’ll just be monitored like crazy and we’ll be having a c-section about 4 weeks before my due date (just to be safe). This really came at a crazy time. We were actually starting to fill out some papers to adopt in the future, and that is now put on hold.

I am nervous, but I trust my doctor and so far (besides all the puking) this pregnancy is going smoothly and uneventful. Yay! I’m just over 12 weeks right now and the birth will be scheduled for December! I’m still exhausted and a bit nauseous, but I hope to get back to making things (and sharing on the blog) real soon.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

– Chelsey

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