Portland Eats: Lardo 

Portland Eats: Lardo 

Portland Eats: Lardo 

Today I’m sharing another favorite Portland Eats: Lardo. It’s the sandwich world of awesomeness. If you are looking for a sandwich that goes beyond a sandwich, then you need to go here. Oh man. These tasty photos are from a couple years ago and I just found them hiding in my computer. They don’t have this oh SO delicious fried chicken sandwich that you see above (it was a special), but so many other items are just as tasty. I’ve tried most of the sandwiches on the menu, but my go-to favorite is the Korean Pork Shoulder with a side of Dirty Fries (photo below). Yeah. They also have specials that are brought to you by other local chefs, and those are usually amazing.

Portland Eats: Lardo 

There are 3 locations. To check out Lardo’s site and menu and all the tasty photos, head on over to their site.

– Chelsey

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  • meganmarlene on said:

    Okay, you're really making me hungry with all these food posts… and I live no where close to Portland!

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