Wifi Password Printables

Wifi Password Printable // thepapermama.com

Our friend came into town the other day, and I ALWAYS need to get our WIFI password out when we have a guest over.

Wifi Password Printable // thepapermama.com

I love all the WIFI password printables out there that say “here’s our WIFI password”, but for my house I wanted the print to just blend in instead. I snuck in my password into my diamond printable, that way when someone asks how to login to our internet… I can just send them over to my diamond picture! You can add your own password above the diamond in Photoshop, or maybe Gimp?¬†You can download the yellow, blue, or pink diamond here.

– Chelsey



  • Kresh on said:

    Oh my gosh this is so useful! I'm moving apartments soon and I'm adding this little project to the 'remove your shoes' framed request! It really is the little things that deserve a pretty touch

  • Brittni on said:

    I love this idea, Chesley. So clever and cute.

  • Jessica H. on said:

    This is such a clever idea! I think I'm going to make one for our computer room. Thanks for sharing!

  • Amelia on said:

    I absolutely love this! So creative! We are always asked for it when friends come over and half the time they spell it wrong and we have to do it over for them! Ours happens to be an inappropriate quote though, we may have to change it so I can have this around!

  • Rachel on said:

    Ha! SO cute. I always forget my own, so this might help!

  • Jac on said:

    What a good idea! Looks really stylish and saves hunting around for scraps of paper!

  • Teegly on said:

    I freaking love this idea!

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