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Ok, I want to know. What do you look for in a blog? It’s been a while since I’ve really asked this question on the ‘ol blog. I know what I look for, but I know we’re all different. My husband loves food blogs for recipes and restaurant reviews (cause he loves to cook), and my mom tends to wander to art-based blogs for inspiration. What is it you’re looking for? Or, maybe it’s not a “thing” you’re looking for, but that connection. I personally tend to go back to blogs where I feel like I “know” the person writing.

Are you a sucker for pretty photos? You love a good story? Maybe you love all those DIY’s? Whatever it is, I’d love to hear in the comments below. Tell me what it is you look for. I’m always curious. If you have a blog, feel free to share the link (I’d love to check it out). I’d also love to know if any of you are interested in a project share. A section on my blog to share projects you make (not just projects I share, but anything you make). Thoughts?

Okay, happy mid-week to you!

– Chelsey

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  • Katie on said:

    I gravitate towards pretty pictures, DIY projects and lifestyle blogs. I love bold colours with a simple blog design. I'm trying to create a blog like the ones I love to read.
    My blog is very new after starting afresh: http://grazingpagesthefamily.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Avalon on said:

    I tend to love beautiful images, diy's and most of all good writing. I love lifestyle blogs and when a blog really talks to you and shares his or her's thoughts and ideas.

    This is my blog: http://tiedyedtofu.blogspot.com.au/

  • Julie on said:

    I like a lot of different kind of blogs, but to make me subscribe to it, first I'm looking at the design… yeah even if the content is nice I have a hard time reading blogs with an unpleasant design… then I'm looking at nice pictures (ok it's design too), and I don't really like blog with a ton of text and no pictures. Then concerning the content, I like original work, not something that we can find anywhere else, I'm always looking for new ideas and things to learn! I'm not really looking for too personal content… I love to read about my friends vacation but not really strangers…. some bloggers tho are pretty good on talking about personal life without getting too personal on their post.

  • cindy haley on said:

    My first love is photography, so beautiful images always grab my attention first. I love blogs that make me think outside of the box, whether that be in the arts & crafts department, the mommy-hood life, the photography world, whatever. I love that "oh my goodness, what a neat idea!" feeling. I love photographic step-by-steps rather than written out directions. Most of all, like you, I love blogs in which I feel like I know the person. Bloggers who aren't afraid to get real from time to time and share their true hearts.

  • Chrystina on said:

    I love a good story. I love advice that is practical from life experience. I love logistics. I love lists. I love learning about simple party planning ideas and ways to make people smile.

  • Lilly Warner on said:

    Great question and good responses. I agree with a lot of them. I read quite a few blogs and use Bloglovin to keep up to date on them (like yours). Some blogs I find when I am looking for info or a how-to, others I follow because I know the author or just like their writing style and content. I read a lot of gardening, sewing and food blogs and yes, good content, photography, visuals and lay-out are kind of a must.
    I am intrigued by this project share thing. Tell me more!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Thank you! I'll have more details about the project share soon. 🙂

  • Erika on said:

    I'm a super nosey person so I love to read stories about peoples lives.

  • lynthelazy on said:

    I look for blogs that have projects I feel are doable, advice I feel is valuable, content that is interesting and presented with the right mix of imagery and copy.

    Coming from the design field, that last part is really important to me. Actually, I don't know if being a designer really makes that important. I think it's important to anyone. I personally don't like to be overwhelmed with a wall of copy.

  • mrsthreeinthree on said:

    I'm definitely about the pictures, as well as relate-ability. If someone keeps it real, shares the good and the bad, then I am totally hooked!

  • Deborah on said:

    I love variety. I get tired of blogs of just one kind of content. Like all DIY or all recipes. I want bits and pieces of someone's life. All of it. I try to do that with my blog and I think it gives readers an accurate peek into my world. I love pretty photos but i love even more an occasional personal post and then some snapshots of their vacation followed by a rockin house project. xo

  • jess craig on said:

    i love it when blogger's show their butts.

  • shannon berrey on said:

    I love design, DIY and party ideas — just being inspired from other creatives is so fulfilling. I have thoroughly enjoyed discovering your blog and going through your old posts. You are one cool chick! I am an interior designer/event planner in the mountains of NC. Feel free to come visit me — http://www.shannonberrey.com {and I am always up for a good collab!!}

  • Michelle N on said:

    I mostly look for inspiration. I love living creatively. Whether it's a new DIY project for me to try out, ideas on how to organize my planner, or what to cook for dinner, I love finding inspiration in blogs. And I'm a sucker for pretty pictures! 🙂

  • ursularosien on said:

    Pictures and EASY diy with materials listed 😉 And pretty pictures always always draw me in. A good freebie is nice once in a while too 😉

  • Franca on said:

    I read all sorts of blogs, fashion, food, photography! At the moment I an getting into sewing blogs! Generally what keeps me coming back is good photography, a simple layout and a strong writing voice.

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      I love sewing blogs. I wish I knew how to make dresses, etc. That would be AWESOME.

  • causeforpawsutah on said:

    I love a good design and great photos-I'm totally visual!

    I also stick with blogs that inspire me-whether it's through words or art or just being real. 🙂

  • Jacqueline on said:

    Such a good question, and one that has been on my mind recently because while I follow a good number of blogs on Bloglovin, there are only a handful that get me really excited when a new post pops up. I think my favorite bloggers are blogging because they're really passionate – about their families or art or photography or writing – and that passion is contagious and tangible through their presentation. I've seen so many blogs that I used to love become bland and lifeless as the authors tried to make their blogs businesses. That seems to be becoming the trend for blogs, and it makes me sad. I hate seeing blogs that used to be fun and original become mostly sponsored content. I guess I'm going off on a tangent here, so I'll stop! 🙂

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Blogging is definitely changing. These days I struggle with sharing too much information, just because it's easier to hide from any negative feedback if you don't say too much. 😉

  • Baily Hollen on said:

    I tend to gravitate towards blogs that involve small business owners or mommy bloggers. I love being able to see a piece of how they do what they do and how they live their lives, whether it's about work/home balance or opening up a shop, or just a post about their kids. I also love a good DIY (keep it simple) and great photos are a must.

  • mandy c. on said:

    Definitely look for the connection. If I can relate to a blogger — I will stick around. I prefer good story telling and original content!

  • Little Gray Pixel on said:

    I like blogs that aren't too pigeon-holed into one genre (mommy blog, food blog, craft blog, etc.) and authors who engage their readers by responding and/or starting conversations. My own blog has been a little struggle for me because I like to share all my interests, so I worry that the blog itself lacks focus. But then when I think about taking away things I like to talk about, I find that I can't do it because it's part of ME, you know? So I think a good blog is a reflection of the entire person, not just one facet of their lives.

    I do gravitate toward other moms of small children because I do not have many friends close by who have kids, and it's nice to know I'm not alone or that we're all going through the same happiness/worries/frustrations.

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      That was one of the first things I loved about blogging: knowing I wasn't alone as a tired mama. 🙂

  • Sharon on said:

    I love a good story. Anything inspiring and even just your average weekend happenings. With photos of course!

  • Jessica on said:

    I love blogs with a personal connection too, although since I frequent food blogs as well, I notice that the photo quality has a lot to do with my favorites in that niche. I would totally be interested in a project share, that is if i can get myself together enough to get good quality photos. I always craft at night when it's dark.

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      I'm usually more crafty at night. Totally get it. 😉

  • Rebekah on said:

    I'm definitely a sucker for pictures! At least that's what first draws me in. Then it's the simply, easy to follow content and a little bit of the bloggers personality so I can feel like there is a connection.

  • Jazzy Moms on said:

    I usually look for great content and DIY i love trying out easy DIY projects… your blog is great.. love the layout!

  • mamacherry on said:

    I tend to gravitate toward the mommy bloggers. Regardless of whether they work away from home, at home, or are a SAHM, I love the blogs that keep it real and I feel like I have commonalities with and that I can make friends with. I am always inspired by the bigger bloggers, but I like making a connection with people and I often don't get that from the "top dogs" because they just have so many followers, I get lost in the crowd.

    • laniebirdblog on said:

      My comment would be this exactly. I think staying in touch with your readers is key. I also enjoy snippets of personal highs and lows, even if they are different than mine it's nice to see not everyone is a perfect Stepford Wife with a beautiful home and adoring children.

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