Up next: St. Patty’s Day!

What’s up next on the Holiday Train? It’s Saint Patty’s Day! I gathered some of the Saint Patrick’s Day themed DIY’s I’ve made to share with you. I think I’m catching ANOTHer cold, so this post is a wee bit short. The husband and I pretty much catch anything our kiddo brings home from preschool. OH, parenthood. Enjoy! My favorite is the banner below. Hee.

The “Lucky Lady” or “Lucky Bitch” Garland. AKA: My Sometimes I Want To Cuss Banner.

Lucky Lady Garland // thepapermama.com

Lucky Bitch Garland // thepapermama.com

Rainbow “Bum” Cookies. My failed attempt at rainbow cookies. Ha!

Rainbow Bum Cookies // thepapermama.com

Rainbow Wreath.

Magical Rainbow Wreath DIY // thepapermama.com

AND, Monday’s Lovely Post (by Lulu The Baker). Rainbow Cupcakes + Rainbow Cupcake Topper.

Rainbow Cupcakes and Rainbow Cupcake Toppers // thepapermama.com

Hope your Wednesday is lovely!

– Chelsey


  • Jessica H. on said:

    Rainbow "Bum" Cookies. Ha! Love the name. Cute little colorful tushies. 🙂

  • Victoria on said:

    I love the banners and those bum cookies made me crack up!

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