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Keep water nearby while using hot glue, to prevent burns. // thepapermama.com

So, I have a thing for hot glue. I have to say the hot glue gun is my #1 favorite tool. I seem to use it for 75% of my projects and it can do no wrong… except burn my fingers. Hot glue can be my best friend, and my worst enemy. I’m working on a project, just gluing along, and then the burning hot glue attaches itself to my finger… And I curse/freak out all at once. A couple years ago a blog friend shared a fabulous tip with me (a Martha Stewart tip), and after burning myself multiple times last week I thought I should share with all of you!

It’s pretty simple. Just keep a small cup of water nearby when using your hot glue. It’s amazing. Got a bit of hot glue on your finger? Quickly dip the burning glue/finger into your water cup to cool it off. It’s so obvious, but I never really thought about this idea until my friend shared this hot glue gun tip with me.

I have burned myself BAD with the hot glue gun multiple times before I started keeping the water nearby while I worked. It’s really a good idea. Do you have any crafting tips?

Happy (burn-free) hot gluing!

– Chelsey

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  • gillian on said:

    Oh goodness. You just changed my life.

    Thank you,
    Me and my burnt fingertips

  • Jessica H. on said:

    Oh for the love of hot glue. I'll definitely be using this tip in the future!

  • Kari on said:

    I need to do this. Hot glue is my tool of choice for just about everything, too, and I am constantly burning myself. I also get really annoyed with all the tiny glue strings that get stuck everywhere and end up all over my clothes:)

  • Dora on said:

    Hot glue is my fav too! My fingers are totured as well. Oh how we suffer for our crafts lol! I'm so going to do this.

  • Heather on said:

    I learned this tip from Martha years ago. I add an ice cube to my water too! It's saved my fingies many times!

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