Gold Polka Dot Chair: a makeover story

Gold Polka Dot Chair //

I have this old chair, an old chair I love. I bought it at a thrift shop for $1 and it’s my favorite. It’s so comfy, but the seat and back are pretty boring and a bit beat up. SO, I had a crazy idea and added some dots, my old chair is now my Gold Polka Dot Chair.

How I did this:

– I used a 1.5 inch hole punch to pop out a bunch of holes in a sheet of paper. I made a quick polka dot template.

Gold Polka Dot Chair //

 – I tried a little test spot of gold paint straight on the chair. It wasn’t as bold as I wanted. SO, using my polka dot template and some Martha Stewart Multi Purpose white paint to create random dots on my chair. Took about 15 minutes to apply all the dots. Let the white paint dry for about an hour. Side note: I thought about leaving the white polka dots on the chair… ’cause cute.

Gold Polka Dot Chair //

– When the paint is dry, apply the first coat of gold paint (Martha Stewart Multi Purpose Gold Paint). I applied this free-hand (could be done with the template). Apply multiple coats (with 1 hour dry time between each application) until you no longer see the white showing through.

Gold Polka Dot Chair //

 – The directions for the Martha Stewart paint suggest letting the paint cure for at least 21 days. That means: no buns on this chair for another 20 days. Hee.

Polka Dot Chair //

Polka Dot Chair //

Polka Dot Chair //

Have a happy Thursday!

– Chelsey


  • Cheryl on said:

    I am totally crushing on this chair!! Fabulous look! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

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  • Court on said:

    Cute! I love the color your walls are painted, would you mind sharing what it is?

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Hmmmm. It's the color the walls were painted when we bought our house. Hmmmm, I don't know the name. It's sort of a very muted greyish brown. Ha! That's no help.

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  • Lisette on said:

    What a festive little chair!

  • Jackie on said:

    I LOVE your polka dot chair!

  • Susie on said:

    This just made my day! Love this so much and will definately have to give it a go x

  • Emily S. on said:

    That is so cute! Can't wait to try this when I have a chair that needs an update.

  • Mana on said:

    I adore this chair, I think going with the gold polka dots instead of leaving them white was such a great idea. It stands out so much more now.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  • Stephanie R on said:

    This is the cutest ever! I wish I had a chair to try this on (lol).

  • Heather on said:

    super cute!! love this idea!

  • Sarah on said:

    I LOVE this! Polka dots are my favorite and I never really thought about how much my lift really needs a polka dot chair until right now. <3

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