Quick Instagram Sale Coming Up!

Instagram Sale // thepapermama.com

This last Saturday I sold a bunch of my illustrations/stuffies/brooches at Crafty Wonderland. It was fun and successful! Annnnnd, many of you lovely people had asked if I will sale my stuff somewhere online. I plan to put it in my shop, but I really don’t know when I will for sure. Soooooo, since I’m not 100% sure when they will appear in my shop, I will be doing a quick Instagram sale on Tuesday at 1 pm PST.

All items will be priced to include shipping (shipping prices will be for US only, if you’re out of the country… I’ll calculate a different price).

Plusandalso: I’ll be taking 15% off the original item prices. Yay! So, they will be cheaper than my store prices.

Instagram Sale // thepapermama.com

Instagram Sale // thepapermama.com

Instagram Sale // thepapermama.com

See you tomorrow on Instagram!

– Chelsey




  • Doug on said:

    That had to be a Stack Of VOODOO doughnuts

  • Living on Love on said:

    I don't have instagram, but I'm interested in one of those little stuffed weenies!! 🙂

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