Mother’s Day Doughnut Photo Tower

Mother's Day Doughnuts //

So, I’m pretty sure that I only have about 3 male readers on this her blog, BUT Mother’s day is coming up on Sunday and I’m pretty sure this would be the best thing to wake up to on Mother’s Day: a tower of doughnuts adorned with photos of your kiddo. I LOVE doughnuts. A lot. They make me feel like poo after I eat them, but in the moment I’m eating a doughnut… it’s fantastic. The only thing that would make this better is if this was a tower of fried chicken. Hee.

To celebrate your mama this weekend, why not make a Doughnut Photo Tower? Print out some small photos (I chose to print these out in black and white), cut it out, and tape to some toothpicks or wooden skewers.

Mother's Day Doughnuts //

Mother's Day Doughnuts //

I love how cute this is. I think I’ll recreate this for Father’s day! Maybe with a tower of bacon? Ha!

Mother's Day Doughnuts //

Have a wonderful weekend and Mama’s Day!

– Chelsey


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  • Crystalyn on said:

    This is almost too cute to eat. Which is really saying something because donuts are amazing.

  • LBN on said:

    omg this is the cutest idea ever. i'm thinking this would be the perfect 65 birthday cake idea for my dad later this summer. with pictures of his #1 grandkid? what could be better!!!

  • Jean Bullock on said:

    LOL, very cute!

  • Stephanie Clark on said:

    I just emailed this to my husband! lol
    ALSO, donuts with cereal on top. I don't think that exists here.

  • Molly Clark on said:

    Blue Star has a fried chicken donut! If I ate meat I'd be all over that ish.

  • tif smith on said:

    This is adorable! I totally understand your love/hate/love relationship with doughnuts. They are delicious! They make me feel weird after eating them. They are still delicious! Oh well.

    I think this photo tower would also look excellent atop waffles for breakfast in bed.

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