FREE Gems to decorate your photos!

Gem Photos //

The other week I shared some gem gift tags and printouts and I thought it would be fun to turn those gems into goodies to decorate your photos with! You could even use these for your photo watermarks (personal use only).

Gem Photos //

Gem Photos //

Gem Photos //

To get the full size images of the free gems, click on the images below and right click + save.

Both images are .png images. This means you can change the color easily. Some quick instructions on how to do that in photoshop:

– Open the Free Gems image in Photoshop.

– In the layers section, add a new layer over the Free Gems image.

– Right click + select Create Clipping Mask.

– Add whatever color you’d like to that layer.

– Merge layers (not flatten) to combine the color and gems.

– Use the lasso selection tool to select copy + paste onto your images. Ta dah!

I hope you enjoy!

– Chelsey

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