Things I do instead of actually working.

Me and Kid

I had SOOOoooooo many plans to get sooo many of the work done on Wednesday. Did this happen? No. What did I do instead? Well, I hung out in the beautiful 70ish degree weather and watched my kid play with her friends. I feel like this weather was a MUCH needed change. I do feel bad for all of my blogger friends that are getting snow…. right at this moment. BUT, I am so happy to have this lovely weather. 70 is pretty much wonderful. 75, with a light breeze, is just perfect. 78 is nice… but not my favorite. 81 and plus is too much. Ha! This is officially my favorite time.

I had a neat post planned to share. It’s just not going to happen. All I have to add from today: more freckles on my face. So. That’s it. Going to bed to rest my head from a busy day outside. Happy Thursday!

– Chelsey


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  • jess on said:

    i feel you! i've been seriously wasting my days away everyday since i live in paradise.

  • Kacie on said:

    I'm right there with you. This weather is PERFECT. =)


  • Shaina on said:

    Days like this are the best. And sometimes exactly what we need to push us through the next project or thing on our to-do list. Glad you took the time and shared it too. 🙂

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