Milk Jug Watering Can for the kiddo!

Milk Jug Watering Can //

The milk jug watering can. It’s free and easy to make! Wait…. why make it? Well, if your kiddo is like mine and wants to help you water the plants every time, and always ends up getting soaked from normal watering cans, then this is for you.

There are a couple ways to make this. You can poke holes in the lid or right on top of the jug. I failed with getting the lid to work (the lid was very flimsy), so I scrapped that idea and poked holes on the top instead. I used a large nail to start the holes (spacing them about 1 inch apart). The holes weren’t large enough to get a nice water flow from the original nail hole, so I used my  X-acto knife to trim and make each hole a little bigger. Draw on a face (kiddo asked if the watering can could look like she’s spitting… I think it looks like she’s puking, but she loves it), add some water, and put on the lid.

Milk Jug Watering Can //

Hand this watering can over to your kid and HOPEFULLY it’s easier for them to water (and maybe they stay dry while watering in their jammies before bedtime).

– Chelsey


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  • TishaO on said:

    this is actually perfect! my girls are older, but this is a great idea for me. sometime, somewhere i lost the sprinkling part to my water can. most of the time it is still fine, but i just planted some seeds in my garden and i need a more gentle sprinkling. thanks!

  • Courtney on said:

    Brilliant idea! Much easier for small hands to hold than the big watering can. I could maybe even make it with a half gallon jug for my 2 year old to tote around with me.

  • Nancy on said:

    This is such a cute idea!

  • Kelly M on said:

    day. made.
    Thank you. My kid thanks you. Now all we need is some warm weather so we can have flowers outside!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      This will be our second day of 70 degrees! Hope you can get some warm weather, too.

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