The -Sometimes I Want to Cuss- Banner!

Lucky Lady Banner //

I’m a mama. A mama to a kiddo that repeats EVERything I say. When I say everything… that’s really what I mean. Usually the kiddo likes to copy each word I say. SO, that means I cannot cuss. I want to cuss. So bad, but I can’t. Unless I want my 3-year-old to do the same.

Sometimes I just want to hang banners up that say, “Lucky Bitch”. I do hang it up for about 2 minutes…. then my kiddo comes in the room and asks me what I’m doing. I take it down and I replace it with my “Lucky Lady” banner. For a tiny moment it was there. I imagined I could cuss freely… out loud. That’s not how it is, so I keep my cursing to myself.

Lucky Lady Banner //

I want to cuss, but I don’t need to… Ok, sometimes I need to: stubbing toes, getting cut off by a driver, breaking something, frustration, cussing for joy (weird one), and just plain cussing because I feel like it. I reserve my cussing for a kid-free night with my friends (kid-free moms cuss like a bunch of drunk sailors, not even joking).

Whether you want to cuss it up all over your walls…. or you’d like to keep it clean and just be a Lucky Lady, this banner is fun for you. Perfect for the month of March. Want to make this for yourself? Ok!


– My letter’s printouts: one and two

– Green glitter

Mod Podge

– Old brush

– String

– Hot glue

Lucky Lady Banner //


– Print and cut out your letters from the printouts I provided (one and two).

– Place a layer of Mod Podge onto your letters, followed by a sprinkling of glitter. Let dry completely and add another layer of glue and glitter (the first layer wont fully cover with glitter).

– Once your letters are completely dry, glue the letters onto a bit of string of twine.

– Hang and you’re done!


– Chelsey

Lucky Lady Banner //


  • hannah on said:

    Ha! True story, I'm a mom of 4 and every Saturday night our friends come over for game night after the kids have gone to sleep. I cuss like a sailor and make every sexual innuendo I can think of…I have to get it out of my system! Love this banner. 🙂 Unfortunately, I have kids who can read.

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