Rainbow Heart Headband DIY For the Kids

Rainbow Heart Headband // thepapermama.com

I’m sort of on a rainbow kick (if you haven’t already noticed) and I felt like there was something missing in my life, I couldn’t quite place it. Then, it came to me: my kiddo needs a rainbow heart headband. I made one and now my life is complete! Hee. She was pretty stoked to see what I had made for her… but then she asked me to make another one with ONLY Purple Hearts. That kid is addicted to purple.

Anywho… if you’d like to make this for yourself OR kiddo… here’s how you can make my Rainbow Heart Headband:

Rainbow Heart Headband // thepapermama.com


Colored hearts printout

Mod Podge

– Glitter in rainbow colors (red, orange yellow/gold, green, blue, purple)

– Old brush

– A section of ribbon (measure on your head, or kid’s, and add about 12 inches to tie a bow)

– Optional: Acrylic sealer spray


– Print and cut out your colored hearts printout. I chose to use the smaller hearts for my headband.

– Add a layer of Mod Podge to a heart and add a layer of glitter. Let dry completely and repeat a second layer of glue and glitter (if necessary). Do this to ALL of your hearts.

– Add about 2 coats of Mod Podge OVER the glitter on the hearts. This will seal them and keep the glitter in place.

– Let dry completely (maybe a couple of hours).

Optional: Spray a couple of Acrylic Sealer Spray coats onto your hearts (Mod Podge is water-based, and needs a sealer if exposed to a lot of moisture). I chose to skip this step, since my kiddo pretty much hides from rain. Ha! So, no worry about it falling apart from the rain.

– Hot glue your hearts, in a line, onto you ribbon. Let cool.

Rainbow Heart Headband // thepapermama.com

– Tie around your head (or your kiddo’s), and dooone.

Rainbow Heart Headband // thepapermama.com


– Chelsey


  • Heather on said:

    Love this! never would have thought of using paper for any headband.

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      I\’ve created quite a few paper hair clips…. I need to pull them out and share! 🙂

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